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Best of 2016: 10 Things We Covered You May Have Missed

It took us an entire year to put this list together. You can read it in around 10 minutes*. (*Longer if you click all the links and read the great stories. Less if you only look at the pictures.)

Oh, 2016, you were a wild one. There were surprises: The Cubs actually won the World Series! There was loss: Each week seemed to bring the passing of another prominent figure. There were bitter divisions among allies: Batman fought Superman; Captain America fought Iron Man. (You didn’t think we were talking about the election? Everplans is a politics-free zone.) There were also these articles, features, and lists crafted by our staff to inform, educated, and hopefully inspire or amuse you with stories about life, legacy, and everything in-between.

1. Dollar Dollar Bill Ya’ll

raining money cash windfall

How To Manage A Large Cash Windfall

Anyone who hit the jackpot or came into a lot of cash in 2016 will find this very usefull. Anyone planning on hitting the jackpot in 2017 should be prepared.

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2. To Those We Lost

david bowie memorial

Valuable Lessons Of How Muhammad Ali, David Bowie, And Celine Dion Planned For The Inevitable

2016 was basically an endless in memoriam for high profile deaths. Here we touch on a number of those we lost and how careful planning helped soften the impact for fans and family alike.

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3. Digital Doings

elderly person using an ipad

Is Apple Evil For Not Giving iPad Password To Widow? Not Entirely.

This could happen to you if you don’t share passwords or access codes with the people you love and trust.

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4. Family Matters

little red house

The 3 Things You Must Do To Leave Your House To Your Kids

Don't leave your kids headaches instead of property.

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5. Ashes To Ashes...

funeral and burial traditions from around the world

Funeral & Burial Rituals From Around The World

You could have a traditional funeral… or you could be devoured by wild birds or crushed into fancy beads.

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6. Memory Boost

postit notes on steering wheel

Apps, Gadgets, And Services To Help You Stop Forgetting And Losing Stuff

We can’t expect our brains to do all the work, now can we?

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7. Doctor, Doctor. Gimme The News

smelling rose at sunset

Why Your Sense Of Smell Could Predict Your Death

Do you smell that? No? We might have some bad news for you then…

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8. So Refreshing

inspirational sign

7 Life Events That Require An Immediate Estate Plan Refresh

If you’ve experienced any of the following things, you need to update your estate plan right now.

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9. Animalistic

paw prints in the sand

What To Say To Someone Grieving The Loss Of A Pet (And Things You Should Never Say)

For most people, it’s not just a dog, cat, or other domesticated animal. They just lost a part of the family.

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10. Odds & Ends (And Odd Ends)

political obituaries

Voting Advice From Beyond The Grave

These people used their obituaries as political statements.

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Get A Plan In Place In 25 Days

No matter what time of year, this is the ideal way to get a plan in place in under a month. Now, bring on 2017!

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