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Really New York, This Is How You Handle Dead Pets?

A proper goodbye can be challenging in the city that never sleeps.

Picture it: New York City, present day. Your cat, dog, or other non-human beloved has passed away in your home. Should you call 911? Nope — that’s for humans. Instead, reach for a Hefty bag and a marker.

When an animal dies on private property, the city urges grief-stricken pet owners to place the remains in a heavy duty black trash bag with a label that identifies what’s inside:

You can also put a dead animal out for pickup by the Department of Sanitation on your garbage day. The remains must be placed in a heavy-duty black plastic bag or double plastic bag and a note should be taped to the bag stating its contents (for example, "dead dog" or "dead cat").

Naturally this feels like a terrible way to treat a loved one — and since a backyard burial is unlikely in a space-tight city like New York, you may need to explore other options if trashing your pet doesn’t sit well.

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