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Apps, Gadgets, And Services To Help You Stop Forgetting And Losing Stuff

We can’t expect our brains to do all the work, now can we?

If you believe the movies, we only use 10-percent of our brainpower and the other 90-percent is filled with telekinesis and Morgan Freeman. So give yourself a break about your inability to remember things or the constant search for lost items around your house. Sure, memory loss can sometimes be a red flag, but you can also give your brain a helping hand with these apps, gadgets, and services.



Linquet (“link it” – geddit?) is a small, keychain like device that you can hook onto anything — car keys, purses, laptops, dogs, small children — which then connects to a downloadable app for easy tracking and interception. You can even authorize friends to receive alerts should any of your missing valuables comes within 100 feet of them.



Similar to Linquet, Tile is a small, thin piece of plastic that connects to an app and features a wide assortment of tracking and retrieval options. For one, the small “tile” emits a cellphone-like ring, so you can “call” it and receive an audible response. A map tracking system can also tell you the last time you and the Tile-connected object were last in the same place together.



Rounding out the tracking device triumvirate is TrackR, which on the surface functions just like Tile and Linquet. However, TrackR is about the size and shape of a quarter, has a corresponding app that can track up to 10 items at once, and works globally. It’s internal “Distance Indicator” lets you play “you’re getting warmer” as you track the physical distance between yourself and your lost stuff.


If you’re looking for a little more functionality for your shopping lists, the app is your ticket. Not only does it sync your lists and tasks across multiple devices, it allows you to perform tasks such as writing an email, sending a text, or even purchasing something all without having to leave the app. You can also set reminders, upload files, and share lists with others.



An invaluable tool for seniors and those who regularly take an assortment of medication, the simple Android and iOS app Medisafe is designed specifically to monitor timing and dosage. You can list out your daily intake by amount and type, and set reminders for any meds that are tightly time scheduled.



If you want to take your medication game to the next level check out online pharmacy PillPack. Once they verify your insurance and transfer your prescriptions to their service, you’ll receive a box every two weeks with individual dose packs featuring specific instructions on when you need to take them.



When all else fails, give your brain a much-needed workout to help improve your memory. The Peak app for Android or iOS devices features an array of brain games and other mental acuity tests designed by neuroscientists to help improve brain function. Who knows? Do well enough and you might not need any of the other things on this list after all.

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