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Online Pet Memorial And Pet Loss Resources

Here’s how to make sure the pet you loved is always with you.

For most, losing a pet is losing a member of the family. For those who want to honor their pet’s legacy and make sure they aren’t forgotten, check out some of these online memorial options and resources to help ease the pain a tiny bit.

Lap Of Love

veterinarian examines floppy dog ears

Overview: It can be difficult dealing with pet as they enter old age, and assisting them through their final days can be even harder. Lap of Love is a network of veterinarians across the United States who can help you through a very emotional time. They offer in-home veterinary assistance and euthanization, and also have resources focusing around care for geriatric or unwell pets as well as a store for memorial stones and other items.

Pricing: Prices varies depending on your location; use the “Locate A Vet” search box on their site to get an idea of how much it’ll cost.


Pet Memorial Services

pet memorial services paw urn

Overview: Many people wish to memorialize their late pets in sentimental and material ways. Pet Memorial Services sells various memorial keepsakes, such as jewelry, urns, and photo etched memorials. Additionally, the site allows people to create online galleries called Pet Memory Books, where you can “save and share the memory of your best friend.”

Pricing: Online Pet Memory Books are free


Rainbow Bridge Pet Memorials

rainbow bridge pet memorial rock mooser

Overview: For those who want a sturdy reminder of their dearly departed pet, Rainbow Bridge Pet Memorials offers engraved memorial river stones. You get to decide on the level of customization and designs, and can choose a smaller rock as a memento or a larger headstone to mark a final resting place.

Pricing: Range from $30-$285, depending on size and detail.


4Ever In My Heart

4ever in my heart pet headstone gucci

Overview: 4ever In My Heart also offers a variety of products for remembering your pet, assuring grieving pet parents that they “will lovingly craft your pet memorial to the standards that we would expect for our own pet!” Their store includes headstones, urns, indoor plaques, and jewelry. The site also offers a list of resources on coping with the loss of a pet.

Pricing: Check the site since they have a massive variety of items.


Celestis Pets

earth from space

Overview: For those looking for a more epic way to honor a late pet, Celestis Pets is billed as “one giant leap for petkind.” The same service that sends human remains into the cosmos offers the same service for your pets. Spaceflights include an around-the-world option, a moon landing, and even going on a journey across the stars.

Pricing: The most basic space package starts at $1,300; Moon and deep space missions start at $12,500


Tufts University Pet Loss Support Hotline

cat paw consoling human

Overview: Tufts University Cummings School Of Veterinary Medicine offers support to those who are struggling with the loss of a pet. They have received over 1000 calls and offer pages of resource on coping with grief. Additionally, they guarantee that you will have “the assistance of a caring, supportive, respectful, non-judgmental person” whenever you contact their hotline.

Pricing: It’s free and you can show your appreciation by giving a donation to help support the program.

Site: Tuft University’s Pet Loss Support Hotline

Forever Fluffy

forever fluffy

Overview: Forever Fluffy lets you to create a lasting online memorial to your late furry (or smooth) best friend. A memorial page allows you to post basic info, up to 20 photos and 10 videos, personal stories, and the ability to for friends and family to share messages and memories.

Pricing: $3 a month or a $50 one-time fee (Note: A portion of the fee is donated to The American Veterinary Medical Foundation)


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