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10 Cute Ways To Sock Away Money

These piggy banks are full of change and awwww.

Snap up one of these coin banks and start saving in the most adorable and stylish ways.

Adorable Crafty Panda & Hungry Puppies

Pandas may be cute, but this battery-operated bear proves they’re also crafty. Place a coin next to this panda’s paw and he’ll literally snatch it up. When you want to empty your stash just open up the bottom of the “box” he’s hiding inside. [Buy it at Amazon]

On a similar cute banking note, here's how to grow your savings by feeding a hungry puppy:

[Buy it at Modish Vibe]

Vintage Cast Iron Piggy Bank

vintage cast iron piggy bank

You’re too old for one of those white ceramic piggy banks, so go for the grown-up version: A cast-iron hog with a certain air of gravitas offered by GrannyBeansBoutique. [Buy it on Etsy]

Cartoon Missile

superbitus piggy bank

Never quite understood the fun of smashing a fake pig open? You’ll finally understand what all the fuss was about with the Superbitus. This ceramic bank is shaped like a black bomb — the cartoony kind that Major Kong rides in Dr. Strangelove. Created by Art. Lebedev Studio, it comes with a white marker, and the idea is to write the thing you’re saving for across the bank. When you hit your goal you get to drop a bomb with zero casualties… except for the bank. But you can use the recovered change to buy another! [Buy it from Wayfair]

Vintage Coke

vintage coke bottle bank

Soda fiends or just nostalgic savers will love this retro Coca Cola bottle bank. Although it looks like the old glass bottles, it’s actually made of plastic. If you find yourself filling it too fast, no sweat. Just upgrade to its gigantic older brother. [Buy it at Amazon]

It’s A Rainy Day

it's a rainy day piggy bank

This shadow box from Prinz really makes it rain. The base is wood with a black finish while the front panel of glass features a screenprinted umbrella. [Buy it from Wayfair]

Doctor Who

dr. who tardis piggy bank

Are you a Whovian? Then you’re going to love this TARDIS bank. (Non-Whovians: This is someone who really loves the show Dr. Who.) This model is your standard ceramic affair with a rubber stopper at the bottom. Sadly, it can’t travel through time, but it can store a hefty amount of loose change. [Buy it at Amazon]

Circus Clown And Trick Dog

circus clown and trick dog piggy bank

Slot a coin into the pooch's maw, hit the switch, and the tiny mechanical pup springs up through the clown’s hoop and drops it into a barrel.

Like the concept but can’t look at a clown without crying? Design Toscano has plenty of other options involving Model T cars, golfers, and Uncle Sam. [Buy it from Amazon]

Digital Coin-Counting Money Jar

emerson digital coin counting bank

It might not be the prettiest piggy bank on the list, but it’s the most functional. This battery-operated money jar from Emerson Industrial Automation counts your change for you as you drop it in. You’ll see the current net worth displayed on the lid — and don’t worry, it also counts those silver dollars. [Buy it at Amazon]

Balloon Doggy

balloon dog piggy bank

Want a balloon animal that never pops? This sleek ceramic bank from Interior Illusions comes in four shiny, metallic colors to match your decor and, best of all, it won’t make that unpleasant squeaky sound you’d get from an actual balloon when you touch it. [Buy it at Wayfair]

Don’t Touch My ‘Stache

mustache bank

Get it? ‘Stache like a mustache but also like a stash of coins! It might just be a glass mason jar with vinyl letters but ProjectPersonalize's clever pun makes it all worthwhile. [Buy it on Etsy]

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