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Remove That Puffy Winter Coat Before Putting Your Kid In A Car Seat

Not to sound too dramatic, but it’s a matter of life and death.

According to a crash test that appeared on The Today Show, here’s what can happen if you strap your kid in while he or she is still wearing their winter jacket:

As you can horrifyingly see, upon impact the infant-sized crash test dummy is violently hurled out of the seat. To prevent this, remove the coat, tightly secure your child in their seat, and then use the puffy coat as a blanket to keep your kid nice and toasty.

This also applies to adults who wear winter coats behind the wheel or as a passenger. A seat belt needs to be snug on your body or it can’t do its job properly.

Click the photo below to watch the video segment and learn a few more car seat tips:

today show crash test

[via The Today Show]

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