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Best Of 2018: 10 Things We Covered That You May Have Missed

You could have read this stuff throughout the entire year. Or you could have waited until this very moment to see it all in one place. Either way, well played.

2018, we hardly knew ya. Seriously, why are the years moving so fast? Let’s slow things down a bit and take a look back at a year we can’t believe is already over.

Is There A Lawyer In The House?

meeting with attorney

3 Simple Questions You Should Ask An Estate Attorney (And We Have The Answers)

Find out what you need… before you need it.


Feeling Social

facebook reaction emjoiis

The Unwritten Rules About Dealing With Death On Social Media

Since the rise of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, social media has become a big component in how we grieve. Unfortunately, it’s very easy for posts about a person’s death to skew performative or crass. So what’s permissible and what’s unacceptable about mourning in the digital age?


Live Forever… Or For As Long As Possible

Tips On Living To 100 From Centenarians Around The World

Everything from bananas to bacon, here are some foods, activities, and states of mind that can keep you alive for longer than a century.


For Those Who Are Fine With Ignoring The Whole “Live Forever” Concept

bacon stack

Make Sure You Have A Will Before Eating One Of These Extremely Unhealthy Meals

We value honesty, like how all these meals are very clear in the fact that they’re trying to kill you.

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Everplans On Forbes

memorial candles

When A Horrible National Or Local Tragedy Affects Your Life, It Becomes Part Of Your Legacy

Here are the reasons we should write down and document these traumatic experiences, even if they surface emotions we’d rather bury.

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You’re Not Alone

volunteer helping elderly

Resources For People Completely On Their Own During A Desperate Time Of Need

Even if you think you have no support system, you should never have to go it alone.


Pampered Pets

dog and cat are best friends

Places That Will Take Care Of Your Pet If Something Happens To You

Here’s how to make sure your pet never becomes an orphan.


The Cost To Cremate

cremation chamber

How Much Does It Cost To Be Cremated?

Even “ashes to ashes” benefits from shopping around.


The Future Of Funerals

flatscreen next to a headstone in a cemetery

How Technology Is Looking To Disrupt Your Grave

For centuries, the peak of cemetery technology was being able to etch a flower into a slab of rock. Now, thanks to smartphones, satellites, 3D printers, and human ingenuity, a memorial to a loved one can be much more than an urn on a shelf or a stone in a field.


Thanks For The Kind Words

smart women finish rich david bach

Financial guru and bestselling author David Bach mentions Everplans in the 20th anniversary edition of his book Smart Women Finish Rich(page 140):

Bonus Five-Star Tip: Check out This new website allows you to store and share everything important to you and your family regarding your will and family wishes. It’s an online vault for your digital archive of your will, trust, insurance policies, healthcare directives, passwords, and more. They have a free and really robust resource area on wills, estate planning, etc.

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