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Make Sure You Have A Will Before Eating One Of These Extremely Unhealthy Meals

We value honesty, like how all these meals are very clear in the fact that they’re trying to kill you.

Protecting your estate, finances, and other valuables is important, but it’s even more vital when you order one of these calorie-filled meals that could lead directly to a hospital visit.

Life can be unpredictable, anything can happen at any moment that could potentially end in tragedy.

In other cases, people know exactly what they’re getting into and the sheer risk is what makes life worth living. You may be thinking of skydiving, cliff jumping, or some other outdoor activity that involves far drops and lack of protective gear. But what about foods that are so outlandishly fatty that they could be considered fatal?

We rounded up some of the deliciously diabolic meals that might lead to an emergency room visit. Why? Because sometimes kale is just plain gross.

Everything on the “Heart Attack Grill” Menu

heart attack grill burger

The hospital-themed restaurant wants you to have zero misconceptions: They want to kill you in the most savory way possible. It’s even in their name. The “Heart Attack Grill” serves burgers named after life-threatening heart procedures and actually rewards customers for being significantly overweight — people over 350 pounds eat for free. The waitresses dress every patron in a hospital gown while they “prescribe you” fatty burgers, “Flatliner Fries” covered in chili and cheese, and milkshakes as thick as a stick of butter. This ABC News Report demonstrates just how blatant they are when it comes to opulent obesity. Their quadruple bypass burger holds the Guinness World Record for having the most calories with 9,983. (By reading this one paragraph, your cholesterol just shot up at least 10 points.) [Photo Source: Heart Attack Grill]

The “Pie Scraper” Burger

pie scraper burger

You’re gonna need a bigger jaw. The “Pie Scraper,” from the hungry mind of John Clarkson of Mister Eaters Fish and Chips, is a burger that stands five-feet four-inches tall and is filled with 30,000 calories. Each burger is crammed with a different filling, such as spaghetti bolognese or a pizza, making each patty a meal in itself. For those worried about this being too unhealthy, it does come with a side salad. [Photo Source: Metro UK]

Arby’s Meat-Mountain

arbys meat mountain

Arby’s sure does “Have the Meats” and isn’t afraid to flaunt it. Their Meat-Mountain sandwich can only be ordered off their secret menu and combines all their meats into one glorious pile of everything that walked or crawled at one point. After posting a picture showcasing the different meats they sell, requests started pouring in for a sandwich featuring all of them. Now Arby’s sells the $10 stack of eight meats and two slices of cheese to anyone daring. Also, apparently Arby’s has a secret menu. How fancy of them!

World’s Meatiest Sandwich

meatiest sandwich

Challenge accepted Arby’s: British Chef Thomas Welch has created the Meatiest Sandwich ever, with 41 different cuts of meat. Measuring in at two feet wide and 15 inches tall, it was created for the Food Network’s television series, Man vs. Food. The monster sandwich took four hours to make, which is about how long it takes waiting to see a doctor in the emergency room if you happen to eat the whole thing.

Bacon Wrapped Pizza by Little Caesars

Remember when crust was just a pizza handle you’d toss back in the box while reaching for another piece of pizza? Well, quit living in the past because Little Caesars added three feet of bacon around the perimeter of their deep, DEEP dish pizza. As for toppings they added pepperoni and bacon bits. Would you like some pizza with your meat pile?

Jack-N-Grill’s 7 Pound Burrito

Man vs. Food makes another appearance on the list as host Alan Rick had to bow out of the fight against the breakfast burrito meat mammoth. Health critics have attacked restaurant owner Jack Martinez for making such an unhealthy creation, who hasn’t even put it on the official menu. They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, especially if has seven potatoes, a dozen eggs, and a pound of ham. It’s like an entire Chipotle restaurant on one plate.


fugu pufferfish

This western cuisine takes Deadliest Catch to a whole different level. The dishes on this list will send you to the hospital if you eat a significant amount, but the Fugu Pufferfish meal could have you in an ambulance within minutes… if you make it that long. Widely regarded as the “Russian Roulette” of dining, it must be prepared to perfection. Since 2000, 23 people have died while consuming the fish that contains poison 1,200 times deadlier than cyanide, mainly because most of the deceased attempted to prepare it themselves. Chefs have trained for years and are seen as the top culinary artists in Japan for their ability to prepare this delicacy. The smallest mistake could make a night out for dinner fatal.

Bacon-Wrapped Cheese-Stuffed Meatloaf

bacon wrapped cheese stuffed meatloaf

When people think of southern food, it’s usually BBQ falling off the bone and smothered in sauce. While some of those foods would most certainly make the list, Alabama’s bacon-wrapped, cheese-stuffed meatloaf has it all beat in terms of heart-stopping goodness. Plus, it takes a traditional dish (meatloaf) and spices it up with ingredients in almost every meal on this list (cheese and bacon). [Photo Source: Olivia’s Cuisine]

Tony’s I-75 Massive BLT

tonys massive blt

There’s that bacon again! Most BLTs have an even amount of its three namesake ingredients (bacon, lettuce, and tomato for those non-chefs out there). Tony’s on I-75 in Michigan decided to try something different by using a whole pound of bacon (20 slices) and still call it a BLT. Sometimes, simplicity is the key. [Photo Source: Tony’s Restaurant]

Black Tap’s “Crazy Milkshakes”

Black Tap proves that the most photogenic milkshake in the world can also spell your doom. This succulent monster has approximately 1600 calories, runs about $15, and is equal to 11 cans of Coke according to Spoon University. Their Vanilla Cookie Shake contains “vanilla frosted rim with cookie crumbles topped with a ‘cookiewich’, crumbled cookies, chocolate chips, whipped cream & chocolate drizzle.” Along with these shakes, the restaurant sells cheeseburgers and beer, which surprisingly is probably the healthier option compared to the “Crazy Shakes.” But, let’s face it: This might actually be worth the risk.

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