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Dog To Inherit Multimillion Dollar Fortune

If her owner dies, Bella Mia will become one very rich pooch.

It’s important to make sure pets are cared for after an owner passes away. Sometimes that means making arrangements with friends and family to care for the pet, and sometimes that means giving the pet expensive jewelry and a vacation home.

In a move that’s equal parts Disney movie and shocking reality show fodder, wealthy Queens woman Rose Ann Bolasny is leaving a six-figure trust fund and assets that include a vacation home in Florida to her beloved Maltese, Bella Mia.

Bolasny is still alive and in her early 60s, so there’s a good chance she’ll outlive the pampered pooch. But she can rest assured that should something happen to her, the dog will be envied by all and gossiped about at New York socialite gatherings.

It’s easy to attack Bolasny and feel jealous of the could-be millionaire dog who would be just as happy with $7 worth of peanut butter, but know that Bolasny and Bella Mia contribute to several charities, and make visits to the Ronald McDonald House and retirement communities to cheer up the occupants. Bella Mia also works every day as a service dog for Bolasny’s husband, Walter. Clearly, Bella should be rewarded. And besides, who else would Bolasny give the money too? Her children?

In an interview with the New York Post, Bolasny said her sons will, indeed, be taken care of after she passes, but she also wanted to share the wealth with her canine. Along with the finer things in life (such as filet mignon and high fashion), Bella Mia already enjoys celebrity status.

Her Facebook page has more than 12,000 likes, and the white, fluffy, cloud of dog has appeared on TV shows and in interviews where she shows off her distinctive outfits and adorable face. She’s won top prizes at the Puppy Prom and New York Pet Fashion Show, so she knows what it feels like to be put on a pup-estal. (You know, like “pedestal” only with “pup”… just forget it!)

Regardless of how you feel about non-humans getting vast sums of money, you don’t have to be a millionaire to make sure your pet is taken care of in case something happens to you. Just include your furry friend in your estate planning, ensuring that the money goes to your trusted companion, and not that awful raccoon who sleeps under you car. He gets nothing!

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