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4/9/21 The Wall Street Journal A Digital Vault to Store Information for Your Heirs

12/18/20 The Wall Street Journal What to Do Before You Die: A Tech Checklist

6/9/20 Kiplinger Pass Along Life Lessons With an Ethical Will

7/29/19 HuffPost The Conversation You Need To Have With Your Parents

6/24/19 Associated Press/The New York Times 3 Sites to Help Aging Parents Organize Details

5/31/19 Kiplinger Plan Your Funeral as a Gift to the Kids

5/9/19 The Wall Street Journal New Financial Apps Aim to Protect the Elderly

3/6/19 The Boston Globe How to get your digital affairs in order

9/14/18 MarketWatch Evacuating due to Hurricane Florence? Include these items in your ‘financial go-bag’

9/9/18 El Dorado News-Times Who sends invitations to a funeral?

9/1/18 ThinkAdvisor Your Work May Be Useless if Your Clients' Loved Ones Can't Find It

7/25/18 CNBC Here's what you need to know before storing your will online

7/12/18 Quartz A German court ruled you can inherit Facebook content like a letter or a diary

6/18 Connecting Directors 10 Visionary Death Care Entrepreneurs Revolutionizing How We Die

6/25/18 Everplans Launches SAD Feature

5/29/18 Investment News Advisers: Technology alone won't transform your business

5/10/18 CNBC These costly estate planning mistakes can be fixed

2/18 Investment News Fintech aims to digitize estate planning

2/18 Raymond James to Offer Everplans Document Storage to Clients

2/18 CNBC Your bitcoin may be lost for good if you die without a plan for it

2/18 Investment News Raymond James helping advisers offer new retirement expertise

12/21/17 U.S News & World Report 4 Tips For Talking Money With Your Family Over the Holidays

10/6/17 The New York Times How to Plan for the Unforeseen

8/15/17 Financial Advisor IQ How to Help Clients Manage Their Critical Documents

7/15/17 The Finanical Revolutionists Company Of Note: Everplans

6/2/17 Financial Advisor Magazine Looking For New Clients?

2/16/2017 Yahoo Finance Everplans Professional Launches Network Amplifier

2/16/2017 planadvisor Everplans Network Amplifier Focuses on Growth and AUM Retention

2/2017 ThinkAdvisor Everplans: A Tech Tool That Could Be an Estate Planning Gamechanger

1/30/2017 USA Today Online DIY options to bolster your personal finances

1/16/17 USA Today How to prepare financially for your death (no matter how young you are)

1/17 Journal of Financial Planning 2017 Tech Roundup: Trends, advice, and best practices from technology experts

12/29/16 Backing Up Your Brain | Everplans Blog

12/22/16 PlanAdvisor Intergenerational Advice Is Far From a Given

11/3/16 Financial Advisor IQ FAs Too Complacent About Retaining Clients’ Heirs

9/27/16 Business Insider Now that I'm in my 30s, here's how my investment goals have to change

9/6/16 Benzinga How A Personal Tragedy Helped This Founder Discover An Unexplored Market

6/22/16 Associated Press Click here when I die: Sites lay out plans for loved ones

6/10/16 MarketWatch These companies want millennials to think about their deaths

5/2016 Fast Company The Most Creative People In Business 2016

5/2016 Worth How can I effectively communicate and execute an estate plan?

3/8/16 The Guardian Death apps promise to help people curate their afterlives

2/21/16 Investopedia How to Help Clients Plan Their Funerals

12/30/15 Investment News 5 adviser tech trends that will define 2016

12/3/15 U.S News & World Report Passwords and Powers of Attorney: Your Digital Estate Planning Options

11/16/15 Yahoo! Finance 10 Essential Tech Tools for Older Adults

11/2015 Kiplinger's Retirement Report 3 Great Web Sites for Organizing Estate-Planning Documents

10/19/15 CNBC Is a digital last will and testament right for you?

9/8/15 Financial Planning A Digital Estate Planning App Now Targets Advisors

9/2015 Kiplinger's Retirement Report Whiz 'Kids' Fill Need In Senior Market | Everplans Blog

8/28/15 The Today Show Start-up links web talent in Africa and US

8/3/15 Financial Advisor Magazine Cut From A Different Cloth

7/30/15 Do you have life-after-death digital archives?

7/21/15 Investment News Advisers can use the web to facilitate after death-planning talks with clients

7/19/15 401(k) Specialist Life Planning in the 21st Century: Everplans’ Schneiderman

3/22/15 Refinery29 The Critical Decision You Haven't Made — But Should

2/25/15 Mint Expert Interview with Abby Schneiderman on End-of-Life Planning

2/6/15 U.S. News & World Report Ways to Protect Your Online Accounts After Death

1/19/15 The Wall Street Journal The Best Online Tools for Retirement Planning and Living

12/22/14 TechCrunch Everplans Raises New Cash To Expand Its End-Of-Life Planning Services

12/4/14 The Boston Globe For those left behind, a digital lifeline

10/2/14 Huffington Post Women in Business: Abby Schneiderman, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Everplans

9/9/14 Lifehacker This Master List Shows How to Close 60+ Online Accounts and Services

6/4/14 Bloomberg TV What Happens to Your Facebook, Twitter When You Die

5/9/14 International Business Times Meet The Startup Helping You Plan For Your Digital Afterlife (Video)

5/2014 AARP Bulletin Online Help to Plan Your Exit Strategy

5/3/14 The Washington Post Death and scones: Cozy gatherings make end-of-life conversations less scary

4/25/14 Wall Street Journal Live Managing Your Estate? There's an App for That (Video)

4/25/14 Lifehacker Everplans Stores Useful Data In Case of Your (or Someone Else's) Death

4/23/14 New York Business Journal You can't avoid death, but this company hopes to take some of the sting out

4/22/14 TechCrunch Everplans Raises $2.1 Million To Help Users Plan For Their Final Steps

3/28/14 New York Times Navigating the Logistics of Death Ahead of Time

4/23/14 Nine Naturals Planning for the Unexpected: Q&A with Abby Schneiderman, Co-Founder of Everplans

4/11/14 Gloucester Times Tips For Making Dealing With Death's Details Easier

8/17/13 Life Matters Media Everplans: An Online Approach to Death and Dying

6/29/13 Gigaom Easing the End of Life: Startups that are Helping People Make the Ultimate Decision

6/28/13 Spry Living Better Than Before Forever After

06/13/13 Huffington Post End Of Life Tech Companies Grow With Changes In Death Traditions

5/3/13 Tech Hive (now PC World) How to Get Your Online Assets in Order for When You Die

4/9/13 Wall Street Journal This Tech Startup Helps You Manage Death of a Loved One

9/18/13 Alley Watch Does Your Target Market Need to be the 50+ Crowd?

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