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Investopedia Cites Everplans As Resource To Help Plan Funerals

Most people don’t share their funeral wishes, but they definitely should — and Everplans can help.

Popular financial site Investopedia recently raised an important dilemma: While most of us have pondered our own funerals in passing, not many have put those decisions in writing — and even fewer have shared their decisions with people who can make them a reality once the time comes.

Whether you work with a financial planner or prefer do-it-yourself options, Investopedia recommends online platforms — specifically Everplans — as a viable solution:

One company that offers such a platform is called Everplans, which sells a secured, digital archive in which people can store all of the documents and information that they believe will be helpful for their loved ones to have if or when they become incapacitated or pass away. Everplans allows its users to fill out all of their information directly from their computer, but some folks are more comfortable having their financial advisor sit with them and walk them through it. For this scenario, Everplans offers a platform geared specifically toward advisors who want to offer a life-after-death digital archive to their clients. The platform can be co-branded with the advisor's name and used as a proprietary tool, which the advisor offers to his or her clients.

We’re thrilled to have been cited by Investopedia as a useful solution and encourage everyone to create an Everplan to document and share their funeral wishes.

[via Investopedia]

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