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Everplans Gets A Nod From Worth.com In Estate Planning Article

Thursday, April 21, 2016 • by Dania McDermott

Financial blog Worth.com talks estate planning -- and cites Everplans.

Financial blog Worth.com recently wrote about how to effectively communicate and execute an estate plan, citing Everplans as a digital-estate planning tool helping people think beyond physical and financial assets.

The article also referenced findings from independent research we conducted in 2015, which suggested “the biggest barrier to action is not consumer understanding of the importance of these plans, but rather the lack of access to a simple, easy way to put all these plans in place.”

Bleakley Financial Group explains how Everplans Professional is used to help clients in their time of need:

One of the biggest hurdles to executing a successful estate plan is an individual’s ability to organize and provide access to key documents during a time of crisis. At Bleakley Financial Group, we provide our clients with access to a digital planning and organizational platform called Everplans, which enables individuals and the teams they have assembled to organize, store and securely share all their legal, financial, healthcare, personal and digital estate planning documents. An online platform could be a godsend when quick access to important documents, such as a living will, is needed for an incapacitated loved one.

We’re really glad we can provide a platform that makes estate planning feel a bit less onerous.

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