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Financial Advisor Magazine Touts Everplans’ Ability To Reach The Next Generation Of Clients

The respected news source for advisors explains how Everplans Professional is a valuable business tool to maintain and grow your client base.

In an article entitled "Looking For New Clients?" writer Joel Bruckenstein explores the number of disruptions facing the advisory world when it comes to technology, lead generation, and finding new referral sources. Among the solutions he offers to keep a business on track is Everplans. Here are some of the highlights:

According to Abby Schneiderman, the co-CEO of EverPlans, there are three main reasons advisors choose to use EverPlans software with their clients. The relevant one for this conversation is that they want to do multi-generational planning.
Advisors can encourage their clients to invite their children to a multi-generational planning session, where they can see what an EverPlan looks like. The advisor can then ask the kids if they would like to have an EverPlan of their own. This establishes a relationship between the advisor and the next generation.
One can argue that this is more of an asset retention tool than a lead generation tool, but however you look at it, retaining existing assets is just as important as acquiring new ones. As is the case with the other products listed here, when clients or prospects create an EverPlan, they are prompted to share the plan with the advisor. If they do, the advisor has access to all of the information (or the portion that they are allowed to see). This can create all sorts of marketing opportunities.
To date, according to Schneiderman, more than 15% of deputies have chosen to create their own plans, so the more clients and prospects the advisor creates an EverPlan for, the more referrals they are likely to get.

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