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Everplans Gets A Very Positive Write-Up In Kiplinger's Retirement Report

Monday, September 21, 2015 • by Ammon Brown

In the September, 2015 Kiplinger's Retirement Report, Everplans received mention in an article entitled "Young Entrepreneurs Fill Need in Senior Market."

The article highlights our history and features quotes from our Co-Founder/Co-CEO Abby Schneiderman. Here's the excerpt courtesy of the fine folks at Kiplinger's (check out the full story here):

End-of-Life planning. In 2010, at age 30, Abby Schneiderman decided to create a Web site that provided articles on end-of-life planning. She noticed information sites for brides-to-be, house hunters, expectant parents, baby boomers sending kids to college, and retirees or those planning for retirement. “There was no reason this life stage didn’t deserve the same treatment,” she says. She and co-founder Adam Seifer created Everplans, which offered more than 500 articles on topics such as writing a will and appropriate attire for a funeral.

A year after starting Everplans, Schneiderman’s brother died in a car accident. “We had no access to the right paperwork and no idea what my brother would have wanted,” she says. “My family was left to make a huge number of complicated, expensive and stressful decisions at a time when we shouldn’t have had to.”

Schneiderman says she and Seifer realized that they “could create something more powerful and go beyond content to help people get a plan in place ahead of time.” They turned Everplans into a platform where people can create, store and share all the important information that their families need in one place—such as a will, advance directives, medical records, insurance and names of advisers.

The free version provides access to certain areas of the site. For $75 a year, you can store a wider array of documents.


[ Via Kiplinger's Retirement Report ]