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Everplans Logo Features Expert Interview With Everplans Co-Founder Abby Schneiderman

Everplans has been Minted.

Our co-founder Abby Schneiderman was interviewed by the personal financial management service regarding end-of-life planning. Here are some highlights:

What do you think are the biggest challenges facing individuals making end-of-life plans?
For so many people, this can be an overwhelming process, so we see the biggest challenge is quite simply just finding a place to start. As such, Everplans offers so many different entry points.
Why do you think many of us avoid making these plans?
People avoid planning because it's often perceived as either too complicated or depressing. We're here to debunk both of those myths.
What's the fallout of not having plans in place?
What many people don't realize is that if you don't plan or share any of your decisions, then there actually is a plan in place for you. But rather than it reflecting your personal wishes, all the decisions will be by default by strangers - namely, doctors, courts and the government.
What do you think are the most common oversights we make in end-of-life planning?
The most common oversight is believing you have everything completely under control because you completed a few planning components… What you don't realize is how much you may be forgetting.

Mint also asked Abby about the minimum amount of planning everyone should do, when you should enlist the help of a professional, how often plans should be updated, and her favorite resources (apart from Everplans of course) for managing end-of-life-related decisions.

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