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Online Death-Related Resources Directory

There are many online resources, services, directories, and companies that can help you as you deal with a death. Here are some of the resources that we've found particularly helpful.

Burial products

Purchasing a casket
Purchasing a green casket
Purchasing a headstone or grave marker


Finding a cemetery
Finding a green cemetery or green burial ground

Cremation products

Purchasing an urn
Purchasing a headstone or grave marker


Finding a crematory

Death certificates

Ordering certified copies of a death certificate

End-of-life resources

Online end-of-life resources

Funeral homes

Finding a funeral home
Finding a green funeral home

Funerals and memorial services

Purchasing flowers
Hiring a musician, soloist, or band
How to invite people to a funeral or memorial service


Grief support websites
Grief support for children

Legal services

• Online legal services

Mourning and memorials

Shiva resources


Filing an obituary

Senior care

• In-home care supply companies
• Products for seniors living at home

Social coordination

Meal registries