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In Case You Get Hit by a Bus: How to Organize Your Life Now for When You're Not Around Later

Funeral Pre-Planning Cheat Sheet

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Plan now, rest later.

These five tips are for those who are interested in pre-planning their own funeral, either for your own peace of mind or to take the burden off of your family and loved ones.

1. Your Big Decision: Burial or Cremation?

Letting your family know if you want to be buried or cremated will help avoid unnecessary stress during an already emotional time.

2. Paying It Forward

When making pre-arrangements, it’s common to pre-pay for some or all of the products and services. Just make sure you get detailed paperwork since some states aren’t as scrupulous as others. You can also look into Funeral Insurance to help with the cost.

3. Types Of Products Involved

For burial, a casket and a burial vault (or grave liner) is required. For cremation, a cremation casket and urn is needed.

4. It’s Your Party

If you’re in a planning mood, feel free to write out a list of desired participants, readings, music and even decorations. Remember, this is all about you, your family and loved ones so you can do as little or as much as you choose.

5. Do You Have A Plot?

If someone in your family already purchases a plot please share those details with your loved ones to avoid confusion and the purchase of another plot. Awkward!

Deep Dive: How To Pre-Plan Your Funeral

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Funeral Planning

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