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Task: How Do You Pay For Your Car?

If someone had to take ownership of your ride, here’s what they’d need to know.

When it comes to car payments there are often two routes to take to get the details organized:

If Financed:

  • Where’s the original title location?
  • What’s the name of the finance company? (And is it included in your contacts?)
  • How do you pay for it each month? (Is it on auto-pay? Drawn directly from an account?)
  • When’s the projected date of the last payment?

If Leased:

  • Where do you keep the lease agreement?
  • Who do you pay? (Include them in your contacts!)
  • How do you pay them?
  • When does the lease end?

If you Own your vehicle then you can skip the payment info and just share the title info.

Additional Auto Expenses

You got the big stuff out of the way, but are there any other expenses?

  • Do you have a gas station credit card?
  • Do you have a toll pass? (Are those details included with the rest of your passwords?)
  • Are you subscribed to a roadside assistance program or amenities like satellite radio or in-car wireless data?
  • Do you live in a city and put your car in a parking lot? If so, where’s the lot and how do you pay for it?

The Task

Once you have the details of how your vehicle is paid for, and any additional associated expenses, write it all down or add it to the Home & Property section of your Everplan so everything is kept up-to-date and shared with people who might need it to avoid having an unfortunate incident with a repo man (or woman).

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