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Task: Organize Your Home Utilities

Offer up a clear picture of all the bills you pay to keep your home operational.

Some of these bills are monthly, others quarterly, and a few sneaky ones might be annual, and if you don’t pay you can quickly rack up late fees and eventually an interruption in service.

The reason these types of bills often fall through the cracks isn’t because they’re secret, it’s because they’re mundane. How you keep the lights on isn’t a thrilling story to share around the dinner table. Here’s a short list of the most likely:

  • Electric/Gas
  • Water
  • Heating Oil/Propane
  • Internet | Cable | Home Phone (Landline or Bundled Services)
  • Security monitoring system or company
  • Cleaning/Landscaping
  • Garbage removal

Of course your home may have more, so think about all your utilities and what companies or services you use. Once they’re all identified, explain how you pay for these things, especially if it’s tricky.

  • Are the majority consolidated on credit cards and set to auto-pay?
  • Do any draw directly from a banking account?
  • Are some less formal and offer a deal if you pay in cash? (Example: a kid in the neighborhood that’ll cut your lawn for $20.)

Don’t forget to share the login info for accounts you access online!

Your Task

List out all your utilities bills and other recurring home expenses. First start with ones from memory then pull out a credit card or bank statement and make sure to include the rest. Once you have your list, include the service provider and how you pay for each.

To get started faster, check out the Home & Property section of Everplans, which identifies the standard utilities you most likely have.

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