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Task: Grant Access To Your Devices

In case of an emergency, how could someone you trust access your phone?

This device holds the keys to your life. Because of this, we understand why sharing your unlock code could make you nervous. That said, you can’t take a time-out from an emergency to share the unlock code, so sometimes you have to take a leap of faith.

Even with all the new tech around fingerprints and facial recognition, it still comes down to a four- or six-digit code, which needs to be entered when restarting a device or after a long lockdown period. You might be clever enough to have a family member register their fingerprint or face on your phone, but they’ll still need the code.

Here are some ways you can communicate the code in a comfortable way:

  • The smartest and most secure option is to keep it in one of the password-storing methods covered in our password storage task. Your unlock code should be front and center since it’s a source of vital information and access.
  • This isn’t ideal, but you can write the code down and store it with important documents. You need to keep it up-to-date or else you’ll drive the person who needs to access it crazy if the code you leave behind doesn't work.

No matter what you do, you need to lock your phone! So many people don’t and that’s not ok. If you lose it someone else will have way too many personal details about you and everyone you know. You don’t have to create an impossible code to remember, but always have something just in case.

Computer Access Is Just As Important

We just made our case for sharing access to your phone; now apply the same logic to your computer, tablets, and any other device since those can matter just as much.

Your Task

Include your devices among your other passwords, or share it with someone you trust, and you’ll be saving them a world of hassle.

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