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Task: Who Are Your Financial & Legal Contacts?

You could have been seeing an accountant or attorney for decades, but does anyone in your family know who that person is?

What if your family needed to get in touch with an employer to get benefits? Or a personal financial crisis is looming, which has become the norm during the COVID-19 pandemic, and guidance or sensible advice is required. Or your family needs a copy of your Will or other legal documents and don’t know where to look? This is why you need to identify the financial and legal pros that can help in all sorts of difficult situations.

For Money issues, the probable main contact would be a Financial Advisor or Accountant

For Work issues, it would be an HR Rep, Union Rep, or a helpful coworker that won’t give your family the runaround

Other possible contacts

  • Financial Planner
  • Insurance Agent or Advisor
  • Investment Manager
  • Tax Preparer

If you manage your money all on your own, or rely on robo-advisors instead of humans, include those details among your passwords and financial accounts, which will be covered in a separate task.

If you don’t have a specific point of contact for one of these services — if you bought insurance from a big company and don’t have a designated agent — include the company name in you contacts along with a helpful description (example: “Transamerica, main number, they sold me Life Insurance.”) This way your family would know to call the main number and inquire about the policy if they couldn’t do it online.

For Legal issues, the probable main contact would be your General Legal Council

Other possible contacts

  • Corporate Law
  • Criminal Defense
  • Estate Planning
  • Employment
  • Family/Divorce
  • Personal Injury
  • Property Law / Real Estate

You may not require frequent legal help, or maybe you’re in trouble all the time. But if you enlisted the help of an attorney 20 years ago to help with a contract or create your Will, it’s important for your family to be able to get in touch with that person if they have any questions. Speaking of which, if you created a Will 20 years ago and haven’t thought about it since, you need to look into it immediately. But that’s a later task.

Your Task

Get your financial and legal pros organized and easy to find in the main contact list on your phone.

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