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All You Need To Know About Green Burial And Green Funeral Options

Environmentally-friendly burials are gaining in popularity and becoming a viable option without interfering with traditions.

There are so many little, almost imperceptical steps society has taken to lessen our impact on the earth. Recycling has become the norm, hybrid cars aren't the joke they once were, and eating organic and locally produced foods is something most people attempt to include in their lives. (Whether or not we succeed isn't always the case, but at least we try.) So it's only natural for these values to carry over into the choices we make for our final disposition. Because if you had the choice between being buried in a more natural state, as opposed to being loaded with chemicals, which would you choose?

The green burial movement has been active for some time now, and people are interested in green burial and green funerals for a variety of reasons:

  • Green funerals and green burials can be a final eco-friendly act, one last effort to lessen our impact on the earth and reduce our carbon footprint.
  • Green burial can be seen as the traditional way of being buried — a return to the way people were buried before the industrialization and commercialization of funerals.
  • For people observing religious traditions — specifically Jewish or Muslim funerals — green burial can be a way to honor those customs.

If you're curious about what makes funeral green, or interested in pursuing this for yourself or a loved one, Everplans has a bunch of resources to help you learn all you need to know:

Important Facts To Know About Green Burials

green burials

Green burial, also called a natural burial, is an environmentally friendly burial that aims to have as little impact on the earth as possible. [Learn More]

How To Choose A Green Funeral Home

go green

Green funeral homes make environmentally friendly goods available to their customers, offer non-toxic body preparation options, and work with green cemeteries or natural burial grounds. [Learn More]

A Guide To Buying Green Burial Products

curly fern

If you're planning a green burial, you'll need to purchase burial products that are environmentally friendly — this generally means you'll want a green casket and a green headstone. [Learn More]

11 Natural Materials Used To Make Green Caskets

natural casket

Green caskets are made from natural materials that will easily decompose when buried and will have as little impact on the earth as possible. [Learn More]

How To Choose A Green Headstone And Grave Marker

old tombstone

If you're planning a green burial you'll want to mark the grave with natural elements, rather than a commercial headstone. [Learn More]

The Three Different Types Of Green Cemeteries

jewish cemetery in berdychiv ukraine

In addition to traditional cemeteries, there are a number of other options for where you can be buried, such as at a “green” or “eco-friendly” cemetery. [Learn More]

Pre-Planning A Home Funeral Service

home funeral

Home funerals take place at a family home, rather than a cemetery chapel, religious place of worship, or a funeral home. [Learn More]

How To Have A Home Burial

green backyard

If you live in a rural area you may be allowed to bury a body on your own property. For many families, home burial is a more intimate, economical, environmentally friendly, and personal method of burial. [Learn More]

Finding A Green Funeral Home

old funeral home

Also called a natural funeral, a “green” funeral is an environmentally friendly funeral that aims to have as little impact on the earth as possible. [Learn More]

Finding A Green Cemetery

green forest

Many conventional cemeteries are now offering green burial options. [Learn More]

Purchasing A Green Casket

simple pine box

Green caskets are commonly made from materials such as bamboo, cork, teak, willow, rattan, banana leaf, seagrass, and recycled cardboard, as well as hemp, organic wool and felt, and organic cotton. (Photo Credit: Northwoods Casket Company "Simple Pine Box") [Learn More]

The Mushroom Death Suit

mushroom death suit

For those on the cutting edge of green burials, and fans of mushrooms, have we got the perfect outfit for you. [Learn More]

We hope these articles and resources help you on the path towards a green burial. If you have any green burial tips or suggestions get in touch with us here.

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