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How To Have A Home Burial

If you live in a rural area you may be allowed to bury a body on your own property.

For many families, home burial is a more intimate, economical, environmentally friendly, and personal method of burial.

Features Of Home Burial May Include...

  • Preparing the body for burial, such as washing and clothing the body
  • Transporting the body to the burial site, including acquiring the necessary body transport permits
  • Preparing the burial site, including digging and perhaps lining the grave
  • Burying the body in the ground, including placing the body in the grave and filling the grave

Home Burial Products

In the case of home burial, many of the products needed for a conventional burial are not required. This may include a casket, an outer burial container, or a headstone. However, if you are planning a home burial and you would like to use any of these products you can.

Legal Requirements For Home Burial

Depending on the state in which you’re planning on having the home burial, the laws and rules may vary. Home burial is prohibited in California, Indiana, and Washington, and all other states have regulations around home burial. In order to be buried on your own land, you may need to obtain permits from local government (county or town clerk) or follow local regulations on the location of the site, the depth of the grave, and other issues. For the most part, however, as long as you own the land you should have no trouble obtaining the necessary permits. You can be in touch with local authorities to register any necessary permits, licenses, or paperwork.

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