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How To Choose A Green Headstone And Grave Marker

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If you're planning a green burial, you'll want to mark the grave with natural elements, rather than a commercial headstone.

Natural Grave Marker Materials

The natural element used to mark the grave will vary depending on the burial location and the features of the environment, but may include:

  • Rocks or engraved stones
  • Trees
  • Shrubs
  • Flowers
  • Other plantings

To learn about "regular" headstones, see our article Headstones and Grave Markers.

How To Choose A Natural Grave Marker

If you will be planting a natural element as a grave marker, you may want to consider what the indigenous plants and flowers of the area are. Planting native species not only supports the natural ecosystem of the area, but also reduces the amount of necessary maintenance, as native species are more likely to flourish in their natural environment without the use of irrigation, pesticides, or synthetic fertilizers.

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