Because there's no expiration date on grief.

Though some of us are able to work through our pain relatively quickly, for others, the process can be long-suffering. On this national day of remembrance, we’ve compiled a few resources for those who were (and are still) affected by September 11th.

MemoValley, a site whose mission is to allow people to share memories of their departed loved ones, mentioned us in a recent blog post about "preparing for death with help from the startup world." Here's what they had to say about Everplans:

For many parents, talking with children about death is a daunting task. Death is a scary topic for a lot of us, and we want to make sure that we "do a good job" when we talk to our kids about this sensitive subject. But the conversation doesn't have to be so hard. To help you talk to your kids about death, I’ve come up with a few helpful tips to make this conversation easier.