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Get Carded: How To Organize All Your IDs And Personal Information

There are so many little pieces that make up your entire life. Here’s how you gather it all up into a neatly organized stack of awesome.

Where do you keep all your important identification? How much does religion play a part in your life? Any clubs or affiliations near and dear to your heart? These cards, IDs, ideologies, and personal preferences all provide some important function to your life. Be it for daily duties (driver’s license), fun getaways (passport), spiritual guidance (religion) leisure or personal growth (clubs, memberships, and affiliations), and achievements (military service, degrees, or certification).

As you move through life it’s easy for some of these things to get lost, misplaced, or forgotten. Here’s an overview to help you keep it all in order.

Vital Documentation

marriage certificate
  • Birth Certificate
  • Social Security Card
  • Driver’s License
  • Non-Driver’s License ID
  • Passport
  • Department of Defense ID
  • Work ID
  • Work Permit or Visa
  • Non-US National ID
  • Non-US Driver’s License
  • Marriage License
  • Divorce Decree
  • Other


While most people are open about their religion, some choose to worship privately, which makes organizing and sharing this info worthwhile.

  • Religious or Spiritual Affiliation
  • Place of Worship
  • Religious Leader Name & Contact Info
  • Personalized Religious Items, Documents, and Mementos (example: Naming certificate, personalized bible, confirmation gown, etc…)

Clubs & Affiliations

exclusive membership card

This could be so many things so here’s a hearty list to give you an idea of what we’re talking about:

  • Gym
  • Country Club
  • Volunteer Group
  • Community Center
  • Book Club
  • Little League Coach
  • Sewing Circle
  • Veteran Association

Basically, if there’s anything outside of employment that you feel a special kinship towards, or one that might offer rewards or charge regular fees or dues, make sure you keep an updated list with this info:

  • Name of Club or Organization
  • Membership Info & Status (especially if a regular payment is involved)
  • Contact Info (if applicable)
  • Related Items and Mementos

Degrees & Certifications

Where do you keep your diplomas and certifications? Some have them framed and hung prominently on walls. Others couldn’t find it if their life depended on it. You spent a lot of time, effort, and money to get that degree, maybe it’s time to honor it.

Type Degree: High School | College (Undergraduate) | College (Graduate) | Masters/PhD | Certification | Other

  • Name of Institution/Program
  • Degree/Certification Earned
  • Location of Diploma(s)

Military Service

camouflage american flag patches

Branch: Air Force | Army | Coast Guard | Marines | National Guard | Navy | Other

  • Rank
  • Years Served
  • Location of Important Documents (example: discharge papers)
  • Location of Important Items (example: uniform, medals, weapons, etc…)

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Why It’s Important To Organize And Share All This Stuff With Someone

Life is unexpected. By planning and organizing all these little bits now you’ll relieve huge burden later. Whether you’re recovering from surgery, are the victim of an unexpected accident, or embarking on the one journey every human must eventually take into the great beyond, this info will come in handy for your family and loved ones. By organizing and sharing the location of all these things you’re helping your family easily settle your estate, pay required taxes, and quickly receive the benefits they are entitled.

Keep Your Plan Up-To-Date: Make sure all of the stuff listed above is neatly organized, updated, and shared in the “About Me” section of your Everplan.

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