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Military Deployment Checklist

Deployments can come when you least expect, so better safe than sorry.

Here are some of the essential documents, accounts, and types of information you should organize and share with the people you love.

Click here for the downloadable checklist!

Important Contacts

  • Emergency (personal)
  • Emergency MGMT Rep.
  • Doctor
  • Financial/Accountant
  • Insurance Agent
  • Other

Official Documents

Provide the location and vital components for each of the following:

  • Advance Directive (Living Will and Health Care Proxy)
  • Power Of Attorney
  • Will (Executor/Guardian)
  • Other (TDY/PCS orders, Trusts, etc.)

Identification/Vital Documents

Provide the location for each of the following, including expiration dates where applicable:

  • Birth Certificate/Adoption Records
  • Social Security Card
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Citizenship Documentation
  • Armed Forces ID
  • Driver’s License
  • Passport
  • Other (State ID card, Divorce Decree/Settlement Info)

Insurance Info

Review the following policies and make sure they provide enough coverage, are up-to-date, and easy to find.

  • Life Insurance Policy
  • Tricare
  • Other Health Insurance
  • Car Insurance
  • Home/Renters Insurance
  • Other Insurance Policies (Long-Term Care, Disability, Disaster, Umbrella, Personal Articles)

Bank Accounts / Mortgage / Loans / Investments

Have a recent statement for each account, location of related items (example: checkbooks, passbooks), and account/login info for online management.

  • Checking
  • Savings
  • Mortgage Info
  • Loans
  • Investments (Retirement)
  • Investments (Other)
  • Other (Safe Deposit Box, Debit Card, Promissory Note)


  • DEERS (Defense Eligibility Enrollment Reporting System) Information

Credit Cards

Have a recent statement for each account and login/password for online management.

  • American Express
  • Discover
  • Mastercard
  • Visa
  • Other

Property Deeds / Titles

  • Real Estate (Owned)
  • Real Estate (Rented/Leased)
  • Automobile
  • Other Vehicles (Motorcycle, Boat, etc.)

Unlocking Electronics / Security Settings

Ensure someone you trust knows how to access the following.

  • Mobile Phone
  • Computer(s)
  • Tablet
  • Home Security System
  • Password Manager
  • Wi-Fi
  • Other (GPS, Electronic Safe, etc.)

Around The House

Make sure all utilities, services, and vendors are in order while you’re gone.

  • Mobile Phone
  • Cable/Internet/Home
  • Electricity/Gas/Oil
  • Garbage Removal
  • Landscaping
  • Cleaning Service
  • Plumber
  • Exterminator
  • Electrician
  • Home Security
  • Other (Example: Home Phone, Septic, Water, Newspaper/Magazine subscriptions, etc.)

Digital Accounts / Services

Identify all of the following digital accounts and services you use and how someone you trust can gain access if required. (Password managers are really handy in this situation.)

  • Email
  • Entertainment (Video/Music/Gaming)
  • Cloud Storage
  • Food / Delivery
  • Health / Medical (Medication)
  • Messaging / Voice-over-IP
  • Money Management
  • Shopping
  • Social Media
  • Software Licenses
  • Travel / Ticketing
  • Web Hosting / Blogging
  • Other (Photography, Organization, Productivity, etc.)

Miscellaneous Important Items

Make sure each of these is cared for, suspended while you’re gone, or in a secure location.

  • Pets (Vet, Diet, Guardian, Insurance)
  • Memberships (Gym, Shooting Range)
  • Valuables (coins, memorabilia, weapons)
  • Other

Legacy / After I'm Gone

  • Decide among: Burial / Cremation / Donation
  • Funeral / Memorial Preferences
  • Contracts / Pre-Paid Arrangements (Example: cemetery plot information)
  • Obituary Preferences and Info, which typically includes:

o Date/place of birth

o Date/place of marriage

o Parent’s names

o Education (schools/degrees)

o Military (honors/achievements)

o Employment (titles/achievements)

o Affiliations (religious, cultural, civic)

o Special accomplishments

o Hobbies and Interests

  • Letters For Family/Friends (list names of people you want to write a personal letter)

Download This Checklist!

military deployment downloadable checklist

Click here for the printable version of this checklist.

You can also do this all online. Create an Everplan so this info, along with much more, is neatly organized, securely stored, and easy to share with the people you care about most.

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  • Money Organization
  • Personal Organization
  • Health Organization
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