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Task: Try Out An Online Financial Aggregation Service

Rather than list out all your accounts on paper or create a complicated spreadsheet, you can gather all your finances in one place using a financial aggregation service or app.

These services all work pretty much the same: You create an account, connect all the accounts and assets you want to track — bank accounts, investments, property, vehicles, benefits, etc. (basically, everything we helped you get in order with the Organize The Details About Your Money & Assets Task) — and they compile the data in a nice, clean dashboard. They’re secure, often have built-in budgeting tools to help you get your finances in shape, and allow you to keep on top of the money coming in and going out without having to do any work.

For people new to this, here are some popular options. (NOTE: You can also automatically import your accounts into the Financial section of an Everplan, which is a one-time connection and doesn’t store any balance information if you want to keep that private.) Now, here are those options:

  • Credit Karma (formerly Mint): One of the few free offerings; Offered by Intuit, Credit Karma is a solid place to check your credit score for free and now that it's absorbed Mint it can be used to track your financials. It's not nearly as robust as Mint but it connects with almost every US financial institution and you can monitor and search transactions. It's serviceable to get an overview of everything if don't mind being bombarded by advertisements and don't need budgeting tools.
  • Empower (formerly Personal Capital): Another free option, Empower operates primarily as an online financial advisor and personal wealth management company. They offer a free aggregation tool to link your accounts and monitor transactions. Be prepared for them to give you a call to chat about using their investment services, which is a small price to pay for the free tools.
  • Simplifi (owned by Quicken): If you’re looking for the most budgeting tools at a reasonable price, check out Simplifi. For $2.99 a month (annually billed: $35.88) you can see all your accounts in one place, categorize expenses, create budgets, track debts, and get real-time alerts and insights on your spending.
  • Monarch: This is for people looking for a more comprehensive high-end solution (read: expensive). You can either pay $100 a year or $14.99 a month for their full suite of tools that include unlimited financial accounts, investment and subscription tracking, custom reports, budgeting, and a bunch of other features. Monarch offers a 7-day free trial.

The only way to gain access to the following platforms are through a financial advisor (if they offer it)

  • eMoney Advisor: This isn't as flashy as the others, but it has the basics and shares all the info with your advisor so they can help you manage everything, if you want.
  • Asset-Map: What sets this service apart is the graphical layout of all your assets that’s easy to understand, while highlighting the accounts or assets that need attention, so you can reach any goals you’ve set.
  • MoneyGuidePro: This platform "help advisors navigate the complex financial elements of their clients' lives" by offering a suit of tools ranging from "What-If Worksheets" to estate planning to net worth statements.

Think of these as a handy digital tool for you, and a way for your family to understand your finances in an emergency or settle your estate.

Your Task

Try out a financial aggregation service! Do a search using the ones we mentioned and, like with the Organize Your Passwords Task, dive right in. Start with one of your main accounts to see how it works and if you’re comfortable using it. If you’re not you can always delete your account.

If you already manage your finances and assets this way, great job. Make sure to share the login credentials in your password keeping method of choice with someone you trust. If you’re concerned about someone seeing your balances and net worth while you’re alive, put the details in your Everplan and select to only share after you're gone (learn more about that feature here).

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