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Task: Digital Services: Web Hosting, Blogging, and Software Licenses

If you’re smart enough to buy domains and set up a site through Bluehost, Godaddy,, Squarespace, or Wix, you’re smart enough to share those details and what you want done with them.

You can list out the domains you own, how to access them, and what you want done. Should they continue or let them expire? Same for any sites you may have built or blogs you used to update.

On another technical front, licenses can be expensive for software like Adobe, McAfee, Quicken, and video editing software, but the model has changed over the years from one long serial number that gives you access to a program forever (like Microsoft Word and Apple’s Final Cut Pro) to an annual subscription-based fee (like Microsoft Office 360 and Adobe Creative Cloud). Is it worth it for your family to keep paying for a service they won’t use? If there’s still time on the license you can explain how they can use it, but let them know once your credit cards are canceled these services will lapse unless they take them over completely.

Your Task

Identify all your domains, sites, blogs, and types of software you use and how they should be managed.

If you use a password manager you can write it directly in the notes field, if you use a digital document you can put it there, and last but not least you can put it in the Digital Accounts section of your Everplan.

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