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Task: Digital Accounts: Microsoft

Microsoft might not be happy following Apple, which was a previous task, but they’re still doing just fine, mainly because more than 1.5 billion people use the Windows platform.

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They have (formerly, Office, Skype, Xbox, LinkedIn (betcha didn’t know they owned that), and other services that fall into many of the same categories we already covered.

The Keys To The Micro Kingdom

The Microsoft ID, formerly known as Passport, consolidates every Microsoft service, much like all the other major “Special Treatment” providers we’ve mentioned. A person with this will have full access to all the services you have.

Instructions To Delete Or Transfer

We think you know the drill by now. The few differentiators with Microsoft are Office, Xbox, and LinkedIn. If you pay for a LinkedIn Premium account, you’ll want it canceled. If you pay for an Office 365 subscription or Xbox Live account, you’ll have to make arrangements for those too. Otherwise, you can either have someone take it over by changing the email and payment options or letting it all disappear into the abyss.

Your Task

Identify all the Microsoft services you use, how important they are, what you want done with them after you’re gone, and how you plan on granting access. If you use a password manager you can write it directly in the notes field, if you use a digital document you can put it there, and last but not least you can put it in the Digital Accounts section of your Everplan.

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