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How To Request Donations In The Name Of The Person Who Died

If the person who died was involved in any charity or nonprofit work, or if there were any causes that he or she strongly supported, you might ask people to make a donation to a charity, either in addition to or in lieu of flowers or other gifts.

How To Inform People About A Preference For Donations

If you would like people to make a donation to a charity in the name of the person who died, you can let people know at the following times:

Religious Considerations

Some religions and cultures prefer that donations be made in the name of the deceased in lieu of flowers or other gifts (such as in Judaism). If you will be following any religious customs or will be attending a religious funeral, be in touch with local clergy to find out what your religion prefers.

Thanking People For Making Donations

A thank-you note should be sent to anyone who makes a donation in the name of the deceased. The organization accepting donations in the name of the deceased should have a list of all donations made and can provide you with that list.

For other tips on funeral etiquette, see our article Funeral Etiquette for the Bereaved.

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