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How To Inform Family And Friends Of A Death

You’ll want to reach out to family and friends to notify them of the death and begin making arrangements.

How To Inform People Of The Death

Making the calls to inform family and friends of the death can be a difficult task, and it’s often a good idea to have other family members or friends help in the process. You may want to contact close family and friends first, and then have others help to notify others.

Another way of informing people of the death is by identifying key people in a variety of different social groups and having those people inform the other members of that group. For example, you can choose one person from your extended family to be in touch with all the other members of your extended family with the details of the funeral service. This method of informing people can be used for a variety of social spheres, such as:

  • Church or synagogue, or other religious groups that the person who died was a part of
  • The workplace or office of the person who died
  • Any community or volunteer organizations that the person was a part of
  • Any teams or clubs that the person was a member of

Whom To Inform About The Death

If the person who died was religious, you’ll want to call any religious organizations and speak with the pastor, priest, rabbi, or other clergy. You’ll also want to be in touch with any work colleagues, members of any volunteer organizations that the person who died was a part of, or any other close people. Now is also the time to contact the deceased’s financial advisors (including attorneys, accountants, real estate or insurance agents, etc.) so that they may make any necessary arrangements.

What To Say When Informing People Of The Death

When you inform people of the death, it’s important to give all the information about the funeral or memorial service, including:

If you will be calling many people, it can be helpful to have a "script" you can rely on, as these calls can be emotionally difficult. Consider writing out all the information you want to convey so you can be sure to provide the people you're calling with all the information they'll need.

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