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How To Pre-Purchase Cremation Products

When planning a cremation, there are a number of products that you have the option of purchasing in order to facilitate the cremation.

Which Cremation Products Will You Need?

For the most part, the products you need depend on the type of ceremony you’ll be having around the cremation. For example,

If you’ll be having a traditional funeral followed by a cremation, you’ll need:

If you’ll be having a cremation or direct cremation followed by a memorial service at a later date, you’ll need:

If you’ll be burying the cremated remains in the ground, you’ll need:

If you’ll be interring the cremated remains in a columbarium, you’ll need:

Where To Pre-Purchase Cremation Products

Any products that you’ll need for the cremation and the interment of the cremated remains can be purchased from the crematory, the funeral home you’re working with, or the cemetery. If you'll be purchasing products from the funeral home, read this article Pre-Purchasing Goods and Services from a Funeral Home in order to get a better sense of the nature of the purchases and agreements you may be entering into.

Under the Federal Trade Commission’s Funeral Rule, you also have the right to purchase any products on your own from a vendor of your choosing and the funeral home is legally obligated to use those products at no additional charge to you. However, be aware that the funeral home will likely not store or transport products you purchase elsewhere. In addition, cemeteries are, for the most part, not covered by the Funeral Rule, and may charge you for any products that you bring in from another vendor.

Cremation Product Options

For most cremation products, there are likely many options in terms of price, style, and personal preference. If the funeral home you are working with does not have the product or price you want, consider shopping around as another vendor is likely to have the product or price you are looking for. In addition, it may be worth asking if the funeral home can special order a product that you’re interested in. For example, most funeral homes do not stock “green” urns, but may be willing to order one on your behalf.

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