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All You Need To Know About Cremation Caskets

When a body is cremated, it must be placed in the cremation chamber in a fully combustible container without any metal parts.

If You Will Be Having A Funeral Before The Cremation

If the cremation will take place after a traditional funeral service, you may purchase a casket for the service that can serve as the cremation container. A casket that will be cremated cannot have any metal parts, so the casket must be all wood, cloth-covered wood, or an alternative material (bamboo, wicker, etc.).

If you don’t want to purchase an expensive casket for the funeral service, you may rent a casket for the funeral service and then cremate the body in a simple cardboard container (known as an “alternative container”). Many funeral homes have rental caskets available; if you plan on renting a casket for the funeral service, make sure the funeral home you’re working with can provide you with a rental casket.

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Green Caskets As Cremation Caskets

Most "green" caskets are fully combustible and can serve as cremation caskets. Green caskets are usually made out of natural materials such as bamboo, wicker, cotton or wool, or teak, among other materials. And there are recycled cardboard containers that are made to look like traditional caskets, which serve as a less expensive alternative to buying or renting a casket.

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Jewish Caskets As Cremation Caskets

Caskets designed for Jewish funerals are made entirely out of wood and without metal parts, which makes them fully combustible and a viable option when choosing a cremation casket.

Crematory-Provided Cremation Containers

If you do not wish to purchase a casket, the crematory will offer an alternative container for cremation. This will most likely be a cardboard box.

Cremation Casket Costs

The cost of a cremation casket mostly depends on the type of casket you’ll need for the type of service you’ll be having. For example, if you’ll be having a formal funeral followed by a cremation, you could purchase an all-wood casket for the service and the cremation or you could rent a casket for the funeral service and use an alternative container for the cremation, which would be much less expensive.

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