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How To Include Photographs And Portraits In A Funeral Or Memorial Service

A photograph of the person who died is often placed on top of or next to the closed casket or urn, or at the front of the room if the body isn't present.

Reasons For Including Photographs Or Portraits In A Funeral Or Memorial Service

Including photographs in a funeral or memorial service can be another way to remember the life of the person who died. Photographs of happy times or of the person doing something he or she enjoyed can be visual ways to celebrate his or her life.

Slideshows And Videos

You can incorporate photographs of the person who died in the form of a slideshow or video. Many people also choose to set a photo slidshow to music. If you plan on including a slideshow or video at the service, make sure the venue can accommodate your needs. The funeral home may be able to coordinate this for you.

Photo Collage

Another way of incorporating images of the person who died into the service is by creating a photo collage. Ask those attending the service to bring photos of the person to the service, and supply a large poster board and tape for people to affix their photos.

For other ways to personalize the service, see our article Plan the Funeral or Memorial Service.

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