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How To Choose Funeral Music

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Many people choose to incorporate music into the funeral or memorial service. Music can take the form of a church choir, a friend playing or singing a special song, or a recording of any music or songs that are especially meaningful.

How To Choose Funeral Music

When thinking about the type of music you'd like at the funeral or memorial service, think about songs that the person who died loved, songs that make you think of the person, or songs with messages that you'd like to convey. Many people have favorite songs, songs that represent certain relationships, or hymns that have personal significance. Any of these types of songs are appropriate choices of funeral music.

If you'll be having a religious funeral or memorial serivce, there may be traditional religious songs or hymns for funerals or memorial services. If you'd like to include popular or secular music in the service, talk to you religious leader to see if that would be appropriate.

If a choir will be performing, they may have a repertoire of songs that you can choose from.

Playing Music At A Funeral Or Memorial Service

Most venues will be able to play music either from a CD or from an iPod or mp3 player. If you’re going to need any special audio equipment, make sure that the service venue can accommodate your needs. You can ask the funeral home to handle these arrangements, if you'd like.

Asking Friends To Perform

If you have any musically talented friends or family members, you might ask them to perform one of the songs you’ve chosen, or a song of their choosing. This can be a particularly meaningful way for people to pay tribute.

For other ways that friends and family can participate in the service, see our article Plan the Funeral or Memorial Service.

Hiring Musicians

If you would like live music to be a part of the funeral or memorial service you can also hire a band, musicians, or soloists to perform at the service. To hire musicians online, use our resource Guide: Hiring a Musician, Soloist, or Band.

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