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How To Close A Google Account When Someone Dies

All the information you'll need to delete a Google account.

Service: Google offers web-based search, email, mapping, business and video services, among others.

How To Close An Account: Deleting a Google account will affect all products associated with that account, including Gmail, YouTube, Google Drive, Google Plus and the Google Play Store.

1. Log in at the Google Accounts homepage.

2. Click “Data tools” at the top.

3. In the Data tools box, click Delete account and data. If you don't see this link near the bottom of the page, your account may have been created through an organization or company which requires different steps for deletion.

4. Confirm your account deletion. To do so, you'll need to select these two options:
"Yes, I want to delete my account."
"Yes, I acknowledge that I am still responsible for any charges incurred due to any pending financial transactions."

You can safely select the latter option if you haven't used any of Google's paid products, such as AdWords and Wallet, or if you have no pending financial transactions related to these products.

Required Information

  • Username
  • Password

Google official page on closing an account.

Note: If you don't have the required information listed above, please refer to the following article: What Happens To My Email Accounts When I Die?

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