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How To Close A Flickr Account When Someone Dies

Everything you need to delete a Flickr account.

Service: An image and video hosting and sharing community.

How To Delete An Account: Flickr, which used to be owned by Yahoo, is its own service that has its own method of deletion or memorialization. You must be logged in Flickr and access the User Deletion Page. Be warned that the deletion is permanent, so if you haven’t backed up any photos or videos they will be lost forever.

1. Sign in to Flickr.
2. Click on your profile photo, then on Settings.
3. Under the “Personal information” tab, click Delete your Flickr account.
4. Read the important messages, then click OK-NEXT.
5. You'll be prompted to enter your password to confirm your account deletion.
6. Check Yes, I fully understand...

Required Information

  • Username
  • Password

Flickr official page on closing an account.

Flickr official page on how to memorialize an account.

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