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How To Close A Facebook Account When Someone Dies

All the information you'll need to delete a Facebook account.

Service: Facebook is the world’s largest social networking site.

How To Delete An Account: There are two ways to take a Facebook account offline—deactivation and deletion. Deactivation preserves the account while making it inaccessible, allowing for reactivation later. Deletion removes the account permanently.

1. Log in to Facebook with the appropriate email and password.

2. Visit the company’s “Delete My Account” page.

3. Click the “Delete My Account” button.

Required Information

  • Email
  • Password

Facebook official page on deleting an account.

How To Remove An Account If You Don't Have The Required Information Listed Above

To permanently close an account for a deceased person you must submit a special request. This includes the following information:

  • The deceased person's birth certificate
  • The deceased person's death certificate
  • Proof of authority under local law that you are the lawful representative of the deceased person, or his/her estate

Again, refer to this special request form for all the necessary requirements. The following options are available on this page:

  • Please memorialize this account
  • Please remove this account
  • I have a special request
  • I have a question

How To Memorialize A Facebook Account

If you want to simply memorialize an account, you must submit a Memorialization Request, which includes the following information:

  • Deceased person's name as it appears on the account
  • A link to the timeline you'd like to report
  • The email address associated with the account
  • Your relationship to the deceased
  • The year in which they passed
  • A link to an obituary or news article establishing proof of death
  • Your contact email

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