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How To Close A Dropbox Account When Someone Dies

All the information you'll need to close a Dropbox account.

Service: Dropbox is a cloud storage service that allows for the uploading to and downloading from a dedicated online hard drive.

How To Close An Account: There are two levels of service offered by Dropbox—free accounts and Dropbox Pro paid accounts. Dropbox Pro subscribers must cancel their subscription first, then follow the instructions for account deletion:

1. Log in to with the appropriate email address and password.

2. Hover over the account holder’s name at the upper right and click “Settings.”

3. Scroll down and click “Delete my Dropbox.”

4. Again, enter password in the field provided and select a reason for leaving.

5. Click the “Delete my account” button.

Dropbox for Business users must contact their team administrator to delete their accounts.

Required Information

  • Email
  • Password

Dropbox official page on closing an account.

Note #1: If you logged into Dropbox using Google you need to disconnect the account and follow the steps to delete that account if you choose to do so.

Note #2: If you don't have the information listed above, please refer to the "Can I access the Dropbox account of someone who has passed away?" Help Center page.

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