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Guide: Purchasing An Urn

An Urn is a container that holds cremated remains. Urns are available in various materials, styles, and prices, and are available for purchase from funeral homes, crematories, online retailers, and other places.

What You Need to Know

You may purchase an urn before the cremation (so that the cremated remains are returned to you in the urn you’ve purchased) or you may take your time in purchasing an urn, as the crematory will provide an alternative container for you (generally a cardboard box).

In The Light Urns

Featuring a wide selection, In The Light Urns offers urns in many different materials (including wood, brass, glass, marble, ceramic, biodegradable materials, etc.) as well as many styles (such as music box urns, sports-themed urns, companion urns, keepsake jewelry urns, and sculpture urns, among others). Urns can be shipped to you directly or to the funeral home or crematory, so that the cremated remains will be in the urn when you receive the remains. Prices range based on the material and style of the urn, and shipping costs are included in the price.

Urns For Ashes

This UK-based site offers a host of urns, including biodegradable, pet memorials, and scatter tubes. They also offer cremation guidance under each section and ship worldwide.

Best Price Caskets

Best Price Caskets sells a large selection of affordable brass and wood urns. Brass urns range from $100-$130, and wooden urns are $150 each.

Lundgren Monuments

Seattle-based Lundgren Monuments take an artistic approach to urns and other memorial objects. They offer their own line of beautiful cremation urns, as well as sculptural and architecturally designed urns made by contemporary artists. Pieces are one-of-a-kind, and so tend to be fairly expensive.

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