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Guide: Finding A Funeral Home

The role of a funeral home is to coordinate all the funeral arrangements.

Some tasks a funeral home facilitates include preparing the body, working with you to plan the funeral or memorial service, and helping you purchase any products you might need for the funeral or memorial service, burial, or cremation.

What You Need To Know

There are over 22,000 funeral homes in the United States.

From Google to online directories to asking friends and family members, there are many ways to find funeral homes in your area. Ask friends and family members about any funeral home experiences they’ve had, look at funeral homes’ websites, and search for local funeral homes using online directories. More and more, funeral homes reviews are appearing on customer review sites, such as Yelp and Angie’s List, and those might be helpful resources as well.

When choosing a funeral home, it's a good idea to take into consideration such factors as the funeral home’s facilities, the goods and services the funeral home offers, the prices that the funeral home charges, and whether the funeral home can meet any religious or cultural needs you may have. Many people find it helpful to look at a number of different funeral homes and compare those establishments to find the funeral home that best meets their needs.

Many funeral homes are affiliated with trade organizations, the largest of which is the National Funeral Directors Association. If a funeral home is not affiliated with the NFDA, it may be affiliated with another trade organization, such as a state or local group or a cultural group.


A user-friendly, easy-to-navigate, and comprehensive list of funeral homes with user reviews and unbiased, transparent information. Find, compare, and review local funeral service providers and access a suite of online memorials, educational articles, and resources on funeral planning.

Funeral Decisions

Funeral Decisions offers a personalized funeral home finder based on your needs and location. Users answer a series of questions based on type of ceremony (viewing, funeral service, etc.), whether you are planning a burial or cremation, if you need to purchase a burial plot or find space in a cemetery, any religious affiliation you may have, and your personal contact information. Funeral Decisions then sends your specific request out to funeral homes that meet your criteria, and those funeral homes contact you directly with cost estimates and a description of their services.


iMortuary is a free directory of funeral homes with thousands of listings. You can search for funeral homes by entering your address and finding funeral homes nearby, or you can search by state and then narrow your search by city.

National Funeral Directors Association

The National Funeral Directors Association is a trade organization that represents more than 10,200 funeral homes in the United States and internationally, and member funeral homes can be found using the NFDA funeral home search. You can search for funeral homes by name, or by a combination of state, city, and zip code.

The Funeral Home and Cemetery Directory

The Funeral Home and Cemetery Directory has listings of over 21,500 funeral homes, and includes Canadian and international funeral homes. After selecting the state in which you’re looking for a funeral home, you can either search for the name of the city in which you’re looking for a funeral home or choose a city from a drop-down list. This resource is available via

The Red Book

The Red Book offers a list of more than 19,500 licensed mortuary and funeral home establishments in the United States, as well as listings in England, Canada, Puerto Rico, Australia, and Mexico. Search for funeral homes by name, or by a combination of state, city, county, and zip code. The option to search by “radial distance” allows for searching neighboring cities and zip codes as well.

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