After A Death Quickview
A few things to keep in mind during a very tough time.

Let the proper authorities know the death occured to begin the death certification process. If the death happens in a facility they should help. If you’ve already been dealing with a funeral home call them. If you have no other options, call 911.

You’ll need multiple copies of the death certificate in order to do most of the tasks involved in disposition of the body, settling the estate, and wrapping up other affairs (i.e. bank accounts, insurance, benefits, etc...).

Two things you need to know: Will the body be buried or cremated? What type of service would you like to have? You can also work with this person to obtain the products you’ll need (casket, urn), cemetery arrangements as well personalize the service.

After calling or emailing family and close friends, and possibly accessing the deceased’s address book or email account so you don’t leave anyone out, write a death notice and place it in local media outlets with the details of the service. Use our Death Notice Checklist.

Don’t hesitate to engage friends so all the work doesn’t fall on you. While you’ll be making all the big decisions, leave the smaller ones to another person so you can take time to grieve and not get too overwhelmed.