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In Case You Get Hit by a Bus: How to Organize Your Life Now for When You're Not Around Later

The influential financial planning writer reports that Everplans “sets a tone” in the financial advisor/client relationship.

In the July 2017 Insider Information newsletter, Bob Veres offers an overview of Everplans in a feature entitled “Life Management Portals.” The synopsis for the article states that the “traditional client portal is morphing into something much more useful and comprehensive.”

From there, Veres takes you through our transition from “providing information and advice (which it still does, copiously) to collecting and storing personal and financial information in a convenient online format.” Here’s a concise overview of his description of our platform:

As you go at your own pace, you input information about your family, your home and other real estate ownership, vehicles, all your digital resources including passwords, medical information, your will and trusts, funeral preferences and letters to your family members after you’re gone. You can upload an unlimited number of documents. As the client fills in the various bits and pieces of their personal and financial life, at the bottom of the screen, they are constantly educated via three types of guidance materials: a checklist, a guide and an article, all color coded. Meanwhile,clients can decide which family members and/or professionals they want to share each item of information with—they’re called“deputies” in company nomenclature.

Veres also spoke with financial advisors to explain how it’s allowing them connect better with clients (“This goes well beyond having just a vault”) as well as helping them facilitate conversation that most clients typically avoid.

Instead of us recapping the whole thing, why don’t you give it a read yourself? Click here to download the PDF.

[via Bob Veres]

Here at Everplans, we’re constantly making updates in an effort to create a better user experience for each and every one of you.

We’ve been working on a new user interface, and are finally ready to show you what all the fuss is about.

Our new look contains all of the main sections of your previous Everplan, but is now easier to navigate, faster to use, and more visually appealing. Who doesn't want that?

First, our new dashboard (pictured above) contains your Just-In-Case Letter, Advisor contact information (if applicable), and suggestions to help guide you through your plan. Key resources and content are available at the bottom of the page.

As you scroll down, you can effortlessly maneuver through our resource center, because it’s right there for you! Checklists, guides, and articles, all right at your fingertips.

In an article entitled “Looking For New Clients?” the respected news source for advisors explains how Everplans Professional is a valuable business tool to maintain and grow your client base.

Writer Joel Bruckenstein explores the number of disruptions facing the advisory world when it comes to technology, lead generation, and finding new referral sources. Among the solutions he offers to keep a business on track is Everplans. Here are some of the highlights:

According to Abby Schneiderman, the co-CEO of EverPlans, there are three main reasons advisors choose to use EverPlans software with their clients. The relevant one for this conversation is that they want to do multi-generational planning.

Advisors can encourage their clients to invite their children to a multi-generational planning session, where they can see what an EverPlan looks like. The advisor can then ask the kids if they would like to have an EverPlan of their own. This establishes a relationship between the advisor and the next generation.

One can argue that this is more of an asset retention tool than a lead generation tool, but however you look at it, retaining existing assets is just as important as acquiring new ones. As is the case with the other products listed here, when clients or prospects create an EverPlan, they are prompted to share the plan with the advisor. If they do, the advisor has access to all of the information (or the portion that they are allowed to see). This can create all sorts of marketing opportunities.

To date, according to Schneiderman, more than 15% of deputies have chosen to create their own plans, so the more clients and prospects the advisor creates an EverPlan for, the more referrals they are likely to get.

Click here to read the full story.

Our latest addition to the platform that enables our pro users to cultivate new business from their existing clients.

We’re always striving to help financial advisors retain their current clients and find new ones. Network Amplifier is our latest effort to help achieve that goal. Awesome! So, how does it work? Allow us to explain in four easy steps.

1. A client designates family members or friends as "Deputies," with whom they’ll share key information from their Everplan.

deputy settings
2. After a Deputy accepts an invite and securely views the Everplan, they’ll see a branded message from the financial advisor offering them an Everplan of their own.

my everplan

3. All they have to do is click “Request Your Own Everplan” and they’ll be brought to the following page:

request for everplan

4. The advisor will then receive the following email, and just like that they have a fresh new prospect.

email offering everplan

As you can see, this allows for a seamless connection from Deputies to advisors in a warm and uniquely contextual way that facilitates multi generational planning.

Now for some facts: According to recent research conducted for Everplans by Cerulli Associates, 93 percent of advisors believe they will retain the assets of heirs when their primary client dies, yet 85 percent of children fire the financial advisor after their parent dies.

In closing: Everplans Network Amplifier offers a unique opportunity for financial advisors to grow their business by providing an opportunity to directly interact with their clients’ friends and family via our life & legacy platform. To learn more about upgrading to our newest feature, please contact your account manager or sales representative. If you’re not currently an Everplans Professional client, what are you waiting for? Click here and let’s get started.

A strong voice in the investment advisory community touts our user-friendly site as a tool for financial advisors looking to improve service and get new clients.

The February 2017 issue of Investment Advisor had some really nice things to say about us. You can read the full article on ThinkAdvisor but we couldn’t help but share some of the juicy bits.

Editor-at-Large Bob Clarke details our company history and how our founders Abby and Adam came up with the concept to help people with an underrepresented (and inevitable) aspect of life: Estate planning. After years of creating tons of content about Wills, Advance Directives, Funerals, and everything else that goes into getting a plan in place, a platform emerged to help any and everybody create a solid legacy plan. From the article:

A comprehensive legacy plan includes a staggering amount of information that most of us wouldn't think of: where to find bank accounts and insurance policies (e.g., in the bottom left drawer of my home office desk), how your home security alarm works, how to inform your children of your passing, what and when to feed your dog.

The article also points out the value of an Everplan for elderly users’ families and our “deputy” system, which strongly encourages each user to share specific sections of their plan with family members, friends, and professionals (attorneys, financial advisors, etc.)

Everplans Professional Emerges

Once the platform was available to consumers, ThinkAdvisor explains how Abby and Adam came to the realization that an enterprise platform was the next logical step:

As most advisors know, planning for one's demise is not something that many people are eager to undertake. Schneiderman and Seifer had a brainstorm: What about marketing Everplans through professionals who are already having estate planning conversations with their clients?

About 18 months ago, they started marketing Everplans to financial advisors on a professional platform. Firms license Everplans for between $2,500 and $3,500 a year, and can give an unlimited number of clients access to the site. Advisors are free to charge their clients for the service, and each Everplans advisor account is co-branded with the firm's title and logo. Every deputy listed on the plan is also notified that the plan was provided courtesy of the advisory firm.

“Everplans gives advisors a reason to talk with people about a different set of issues. It's not all about investments, or even financial planning,” said Schneiderman. “Many advisors find this to be an easier way of converting prospects into clients.”

The story ends with an extremely positive endorsement that really made us feel proud that others see how having a plan in place benefits everyone:

Everplans started out as a way to simplify end-of-life issues for one's survivors, but it's emerging as much more than that. The platform's low cost, combined with its virtually universal application, makes it a powerful tool for financial advisors to deepen relationships with their existing clients, while gaining access to a much larger number of prospective clients with a built-in basis for starting a conversation with them. I suspect that Everplans will prove to be a game changer for many independent advisory firms.

Read the full article at

Everplans Co-Founder Adam Seifer envisions a future where everyone can back up their brain. asked industry leaders to speculate on what sort of technological advancements we can expect in 20 years. Here's a snippet of what Adam had to say about the year 2037:

In the next 20 years, we may be reaching the point where we will be able to upload ourselves into some type of device, whether it’s a robot or the latest version of an Amazon Echo. Mind-blowing as that may be, consider the new problems that will crop up when it comes to “ownership”: How will we make sure our digital selves are managed properly when we aren't available to do it? Upon death, will a spouse be allowed to take ownership of the digital backup and, perhaps, even create a virtual dungeon to torture you for thousands of years?

While this may seem like science fiction now, if someone told you 20 years ago that everyone would have a touch-based mobile device in their pocket that connected them to the entire world, you'd think they were insane. Don't believe us? Let's take a quick journey back to 1997:

  • Titanic was tops at the box office ("I'll never let go, Jack..." *completely lets go*)
  • WebMD recently went online, leading millions to believe that even the most harmless bump was, without a doubt, a tumor.
  • You could catch a new episode of Seinfeld and Friends...on the same night!
  • The Spice Girls were telling the world what they want, what they really, really want. (Editor's Note: Deepest apologies for putting that song in your head.)
  • A Motorola StarTAC cell phone was all the rage and cost around $1,000.
  • Flat screen TVs were starting to hit market for a reasonable $15,000.
  • Google launched a year later in September, 1998.
  • The iPhone was still a decade away from being released.

To further his point, Adam explains how "people are capturing and storing more and more of their lives digitally" making ownership and access to full life recordings "high-stakes topic from an estate perspective." Check out the full story on WealthManagement. com.

It took us an entire year to put this list together. You can read it in around 10 minutes*. (*Longer if you click all the links and read the great stories. Less if you only look at the pictures.)


Oh, 2016, you were a wild one. There were surprises: The Cubs actually won the World Series! There was loss: Each week seemed to bring the passing of another prominent figure. There were bitter divisions among allies: Batman fought Superman; Captain America fought Iron Man. (You didn’t think we were talking about the election? Everplans is a politics-free zone.) There were also these articles, features, and lists crafted by our staff to inform, educated, and hopefully inspire or amuse you with stories about life, legacy, and everything in-between.

1. Dollar Dollar Bill Ya’ll

raining money cash windfall

How To Manage A Large Cash Windfall

Anyone who hit the jackpot or came into a lot of cash in 2016 will find this very usefull. Anyone planning on hitting the jackpot in 2017 should be prepared.

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2. To Those We Lost

david bowie memorial

Valuable Lessons Of How Muhammad Ali, David Bowie, And Celine Dion Planned For The Inevitable

2016 was basically an endless in memoriam for high profile deaths. Here we touch on a number of those we lost and how careful planning helped soften the impact for fans and family alike.

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What do you give family, friends, or children who have everything? Try one of the things listed below as suggested by our staff.



cocktails on a bar

For her: Bibo Barmaid (It’s a single serving cocktail maker. Like a Keurig...but for booze.)

For her 5-year-old daughter: My Little Pony Explore Equestria Crystal Empire Castle


infento rides kit

Infento Rides Kit (He and his kids have been having a blast working on a recumbent bike.)


macbook pro charger

MacBook Pro Charger (Everyone on our staff will agree that you can never have enough of these.)


virgin galactic

A ticket on Virgin Galactic (It costs a reasonable $250K.)

Whether you viewed 2016 as a positive or not so positive year, there’s always something that makes you happy to be alive. Here’s what we’re thankful for this year.

Abby is thankful for...


Bringing a new adorable human into the world and getting all the support I needed from family, friends, and the EP team.

Plus, my other princess is the best older sister ever. (And Ollie is the best doggy ever.)

Adam is thankful for...

This year, more than any other year I can remember, for a few days away from everything with my family.

Join the Everplans team at the NAPFA Fall Conference in Baltimore. Learn about Everplans, get your questions answered, and try to guess just what the heck our giveaways actually do to help make your life better. (hint: It's something for your phone). You can't miss us, we're right at the entrance of the exhibit hall!