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Los Angeles Times Cites Everplans As Resource To Help Beneficiaries Find Documents

As paper trails disappear in favor of a digital world, Everplans provides a solution.

In finance writer Liz Weston's advice column, a person who lost a family member and spent months trying to make sense of a messy estate that was primarily digital, suggests keeping printed copies of financial statements.

Weston agrees that paper trails used to assist executors in settling affairs. Now that everything is mostly digital it makes it more difficult to manage after a death. It's not limited to finances, it's also "digital assets such as photos, frequent flier miles and cryptocurrency may become forever inaccessible."

In addition to keeping a physical list of contacts and accounts in a safe place, Weston mentions Everplans as a solution:

Another option would be online services such as Everplans, which can allow you to organize documents and name trusted people who can get access to those documents after your death.

Read the full article on The Los Angeles Times under the heading "Helping beneficiaries find documents."

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