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Thanks For An Incredible 2017

2017 has been an amazing year for the company and we want to thank everyone for being a part of it.

As we look back on such an incredible year for Everplans we want to take a moment to celebrate some of the highlights:

have a heart

Everplans had over 7 million pageviews on our website, educating people from all over the world with our special blend of informative, interesting, and easy-to-digest articles, features, and checklists. (Check our favorite content from 2017 here.)

People put hundreds of thousands of pieces of information into their Everplans - helping family members sleep better at night all across the globe. Also, tens of thousands of people have created Everplans and gone above and beyond for their families.

cold brew coffee

In order to fuel the staff to make all this possible, we (and by “we,” we mean “Bart and Taylor”) drank over 160 gallons of cold brew. (That’s coffee.)

pile of bagels

Our most frequent Tuesday team meeting snack was bagels.

harris bueller

This was one of our favorite — and probably least creepy — snack pun photoshops (Note: The person responsible for the snack that week is honored with one of these works of art… whether they want it or not.)

pie-off contest

The winners of our company food challenges were Harris for Lasagna and Meatballs (which makes him an honorary Italian), Adam for Chili and Apple Pie (Abby won in 2016… she wants to make sure people know this) and Yoko for the most creative culinary concoctions we’ve never even heard of before. Recipes are in our Everplans. (You have to be a Deputy to see them.)

media coverage illustration

We were featured in some amazing press including The New York Times, USA Today, Financial Advisor Magazine, Yahoo! Finance, and U.S. News & World Report.

slack logo

We’ve sent over 214,571 messages on Slack.

The growth of Everplans Professional continued to soar and we’re grateful for the hundreds of new partnerships that were formed during 2017. These new relationships include some of the nation’s largest financial services organizations.

everplans holiday party

Our team grew to 30 people this past year, with 26 in our New York City office and 4 members in Lagos, Nigeria through our partnership with the wonderful Andela organization.

maneesh baby

Our team grew in other ways too! We welcomed one baby (congrats Maneesh and family) and celebrated two marriages (congrats Adebayo and Ryan) and a couple of engagements (congrats Julio and Scott). In short, the next generation of Everplans is looking strong:

everplans the next generation

While there were a lot of good times and positive moments, there were also some extremely difficult challenges. The most heartbreaking being Dina’s six-year-old son Jackson being diagnosed with leukemia:

jackson superhero

He’s truly one of the sweetest and most adorable kids you’ll ever meet and is currently undergoing treatment in New Jersey. A friend of the family created a GoFundMe to help with the long, painful road of treatment and recovery.

happy new year 2018

Together we’ve done a lot. And there’s so much more to do. From all of us, we want to wish you a very Happy New Year. And here’s to an even more epic 2018.

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