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All The Things The Everplans Team Is Thankful For In 2018

Family, french fries, and pets are a given. Here are the other things (some of which are family and pets… but no fries).

Abby is thankful for…

An incredible pizza place that just opened in her neighborhood (Mama’s Too!).

mamas too pizza

More important than pizza (if that's even possible), she's also thankful how her oldest daughter became the best big sister in the world, her husband's constant support during a crazy year, and her super caring (and fun!) parents.

halloween family

Adam is thankful for…

hex key set

Surviving starting (two) new schools, moving apartments, and changing babysitters without any fisticuffs. He’s also thankful for the hex key wrench set he unexpectedly found in his toolbox that allowed him to fix 14 loose door handles, 8 loose faucet knobs, 4 loose towel holders, 2 loose toilet paper holders, and a wobbly dining room table leg in about 10 minutes.

Atanda is thankful for…

love birds

All the people trumping hate with love.

Bart is thankful for…

barts fave podcasts

The following podcasts: The Flop House, Trump, Inc., The Worst Idea of All Time,Unspooled, Gladiator: Aaron Hernandez and Football Inc., Serial, and The Dream

Bernard is thankful for…

bobo and the fuss

Contributing to a Kickstarter campaign that got a book published aka, Bobo and the Fuss, which is Ammon Brown’s adorable foray into kid-lit. (Note: Ammon worked at Everplans for a while and his puns are still that of legend.)

Dina is thankful for…

jackson at the beach

Being given another year to watch Jackson smile, and “watch him make us smile.” It was a rough one, but hoping for a better 2019.

Gene is thankful for…

philadelphia eagles

E.A.G.L.E.S. EAGLES! You know, being World Champions and all. (Never thought he’d get to say that in his lifetime.) [Photo Credit: Andriy Blokhin /]

Harris is thankful for…

harris and sammy

His family and the unconditional love from his nephew Sammy, pictured here.

Jamie is thankful for…

Free meditation videos on Youtube, like this one from The Mindful Movement above. She used them nearly every day to stay calm, focused, and grounded through a year of big, gutsy changes.

Jordan is thankful for…

crispy pilsners

Crispy pilsners [Photo Credit: Antonio Nardelli /]

Kayode is thankful for…

His life, family, and friends. He's also thankful for every of the achievements that 2018 has brought to his life.

Matt is thankful for…

wedding proposal

His wonderful fiance. Yep, he got engaged! (Note: The photo above is a stock image, but this is how we like to picture Matt’s proposal. And if he had luxurious blonde hair.)

Peter is thankful for…


Genshinkan Aikido Dojo, which has provided both a grounding and profound practice as well as a vital community for him over the last year.

Ryan is thankful...

stanley cup and villanova wildcats

His sports teams bringing him two championships this year: The Washington Capitals and Villanova Wildcats! [Photo Credit: Kelleher Photography / ; Erik Cox Photography /]

Sarah is thankful for…

jate yoga

Being healthy and able to practice yoga at her favorite studio, Jate in Rowayton, CT. It’s a lovely community of people and the perfect way to align a healthy mind and body.

Simi is thankful for…

simi friends

Her family and best friends for always being there to support her when she needs them the most. She’s also thankful for joining Everplans team and working with amazing people. (Note: This list had to include at least one shout out to working at Everplans. Simi wins!)

Taylor is thankful for…

taylor georgia wedding

Her sister, who got married this year and asked her to be the maid of honor. She’s also thankful the work is over and everything turned out beautiful!

(Tay’s also thankful for Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. She’d be even more thankful if they added 20 more seasons).

Tolu is thankful for…

new york city skyline

For awesome friends that made her relocation to NYC easy, her family and friends back in Nigeria who supported her through the move, and the wonderful broker who helped with apartment hunting.

Warren is thankful for…

george washington university

Two things this year, one backward looking and one forward: First, a retraction of part of last year's because his daughter got into her super-unexpected-first-choice program, which was a combined MPH/PA program from George Washington University (she started there this summer); and second, she tossed in the decision to get married to her boyfriend Jake, who Warren and his wife absolutely love, after finishing the first part of her degree in May.

Yaniv is thankful for…

His family, and raising kids in Brooklyn.

Yoko is thankful for…

yoga meditation

The staying power of Athleisure and the stretchy pants that can go from office to yoga to adventures.

Zeina is thankful for…

sony headphones

Soundproof headphones to drown out the New York subways… and some beloved coworkers who are on the phone all day. [Headphones pictured: Sony]

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