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What The Everplans Team Is Thankful For: 2017 Edition

Of course everyone said they’re thankful for working at Everplans, but that’s a total given. Here are some other things, too.

Abby is thankful for…

everplans team donuts rgax

My Everplans family, who made it possible for me to care for my newborn baby and build a company at the same time. And for our teammates at RGA — our new strategic partners who have become like family. (Of course, I’m also always thankful for my family at home. And Dough Donuts.)

Adam is thankful for…

adam and his kids taking a dip

The fact that he’s almost done with the crazy NYC process for applying to *public* middle schools and high schools. And I'm doubly thankful that my two girls are so great that they've created lots of terrific options to choose from.

Adebayo is thankful for…

adebayo wedding

Getting married to the bride of his dreams. [Photo Source: Jide Oketonade Photography]

Atanda is thankful for…

atanda family

His amazing family.

Bart is thankful for...

office robot

The office robot.

Bernard is thankful for…


The dating app Happn because that's how he met his wonderful girlfriend.

Caitlin is thankful for…

yoga class

Yoga (for the record, she initially said “coming to work at Everplans” but then changed it in fear of “sounding hokey”)

Casey is thankful for...

teacher classroom kids

Her kids’ amazing teachers this year.

Dina is thankful for…

farmers market fruits vegetables

The awesome farmers market in Jersey City that's helped to create some really “FAB/AMAZEBALLS/YUMMY” dinners for her family.

Gene is thankful for…

tiger tail biofreeze

The Tiger Tail muscle roller (with a Biofreeze chaser).

Harris is thankful for…

fresh coffee

Irving Farm Coffee. (He also said family and health, but it’s clear coffee was the priority.)

Jamie is thankful for…

The Kpop (Korean pop for those of you not in the know) boy band BTS.

Julio is thankful for…

hellofresh screenshot

The meal delivery service HelloFresh.

Kayode is thankful for…

playstation 4

His girlfriend, new apartment, teammates, and his most recent visit to New York City. (Plus, don’t forget the PS4.)

Keith is thankful for…

nintendo switch

His daughter allows him to play on her Nintendo Switch ("Even though I bought the darn thing!")

Maneesh is thankful for…

maneesh baby

The white noise machine that keeps his newborn baby asleep.

Matt is thankful for...

hi im matt

This doormat.

Peter is thankful for…

walt whitman

Verse 52 of Song of Myself by Walt Whitman, especially the line "I effuse my flesh in eddies, and drift it in lacy jags." [Photo Source: Wikicommons, George C. Cox]

Ryan is thankful...

union league

To be getting married at The Union League of Philadelphia in December.

Sarah is thankful for…

pearl puppy

Her puppy Pearl, which she adopted earlier this year. “She can be a little bit of a jerk, but in a good, puppy way.” We can’t wait for her to stop by the office soon!

Scott is thankful for…

His fiancee Sharon for saying yes to his proposal in Porto, Portugal.

Stan is thankful for…

nyc subway

The NYC subway (when it's not delayed).

Taylor is thankful for…


Her doggie Cooper.

Tolu is thankful for…

famous world landmarks

Visiting four cities this past year (Kampala, Nairobi, Salt Lake City and Philadelphia).

Warren is thankful for…

shenandoah university

“My daughter, who long ago decided she wants to help people in a meaningful way, was admitted to her first choice Physician Assistant school at Shenandoah University and is starting in July.” [Photo Source: Wikicommons]

Yaniv is thankful for…

subway arrival clock

The subway arrival time clocks that have been recently installed around the city.

Yoko is thankful for…

buddhist insights

Having a community that supports my meditation practice with a sense of humor and no-nonsense wisdom (and sometimes with pizza). Thanks, folks of Buddhist Insights! [Photo Source: Instagram]

Zeina is thankful for…

zeina cats

Her fluffy cats.

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