Fixed: Users with two-step verification enabled were prompted to enter a verification code on each login despite checking “Remember this computer.” Two-step verification now has a much better memory, so you can rest assured that your account is extra-protected without all the fuss.

Fixed: When uploading a file without an extension, users would receive an error message. We’ve made it so that you can upload a file to your Everplan without ever having to modify it beforehand (we've also made it so that files without extensions are recognized and labelled appropriately for most major file types). 

Fixed: After being timed out due to inactivity, some users weren’t returned to the last page they were working on upon signing back into their accounts. These days, when you login after timing out you’ll be able to pick up exactly where you left off.

Fixed: Occasionally, after logging out of their Everplan and then attempting to log back in, some users would receive a confusing message about whether or not they were actually logged in. You can now log in and out all day long without seeing mysterious messages.

Improved: When Deputies respond to an invitation, instead of being taken to a stark and unfriendly page that asks them to choose a password, they’re brought directly to a warm and friendly page that explains what Everplans is all about and why it’s important to set a secure password for viewing someone’s Everplan.

Improved: When users clicked on dead or expired confirmation links, they were taken to a page with vague error messaging that didn’t offer much help. This vague messaging has been replaced with situation-specific messages that not only explain what may have gone wrong, but provide tips for appropriate next-steps.

Also: A variety of small security improvements and user experience enhancements.

In a recent story on MariaShriver.com, Everplans is named as one of the tools everyone should use to confront end-of-life care.

Written by daughterhood.org founder Anne Tumlinson, 3 Tools for Caregivers & Loved Ones to Face Fear and Find Meaning at the End-of-Life Care Stage explains the fear-meets-denial sequence most people experience when facing death.

But it’s not all doom and gloom where death is concerned -- the article also offers solutions to combat our inherent aversion to end-of-life matters (or, as Tumlinson puts it, to “face fear and find meaning”). In a section called “Get It In Writing” Tumlinson specifically calls out Everplans:

I am a huge fan of new online registries for advance directives. Two I like are www.mydirectives.com and www.everplans.com. Both companies have spent a lot of time and effort making their websites easy to use, and they provide a lot of information. A third great resource is www.getpalliativecare.org.

It is important to get in writing your parents’ wishes about what they want and don’t want, particularly about various forms of life-extending care. You not only want it in writing, but you want it on file with the doctor and hospital, and you want it at home in an obvious place, or else you run the risk that in an emergency the instructions will be overlooked.

Big thanks to Maria Shriver (and Anne Tumlinson) for shedding light on this important issue (and the Everplans shout-out). If you don’t have your medical decisions in writing, go to our State-By-State Advance Directive Forms resource and get to work.

[Via MariaShriver.com]


To put it plainly: we brought the cool.

Last week marked Everplans’ second trip to Orlando, this time to attend the Heckerling Institute on Estate Planning, the leading continuing education program for estate planners, attorneys, trust officers, accountants, and so many others.

As the only technology startup in attendance, we drew considerable interest from a variety of top-tier attorneys and financial professionals. We may have lured them in with the free phone chargers and handy trinkets, but they stayed for the demos and conversation.

We’re so happy to be named as one of the “5 adviser tech trends that will define 2016” by Investment News!

Here are the five trends they cite:

  • More Virtual Meetings
  • Small Data Before Big Data
  • More Digital Storage
  • Mobile Strategy
  • Robos Hit Higher Assets

Everplans is listed as the digital storage solution; here’s what they had to say about what our professional platform has to offer:


Almost all clients have more accounts than they can remember, but advisers can help them make sense of it all -- especially the important financial accounts -- with digital storage, said Abby Schneiderman, co-founder of Everplans, a digital end-of-life planning platform, which came out with an adviser-facing dashboard this year.

“Having data all in one place is one more way advisers can serve their clients’ needs,” Ms. Schneiderman said. “Coupled with estate planning as another big trend, I think one thing advisers are looking for is singular places to house all of their client’s information: wishes, documents, investment accounts, etc., in one place.”

After all, adviser technology is all about the client.

Head over to Investment News and sign up if you'd like to read the full article.


We recently held our third annual Yankee Swap, the rules for which are still a bit unclear -- but here’s the gist: People buy gifts. People choose gifts. People steal gifts.

Given this decidedly mischievous framework, keeping up with each gift’s trajectory was a bit overwhelming (we considered a diagram but thought better of it).

Thankfully we were able to determine who got what by swap's end.

Note: As a result of major gift-swappage, the person pictured holding the gift isn’t necessarily the ultimate recipient.


Finally, an end-of-year list that has nothing to do with Star Wars. (Not that Star Wars isn't great, but enough already.)

As we close out 2015, we wanted to take a look back on some of the stories and features we ran this past year that might bring knowledge to your brain, goosebumps to your skin, or a smile to your face.


We’ve combed the depths of our content to make sure it’s organized in a way that makes the most sense.

We’re always trying to make planning as easy and accessible as possible. As part of this ongoing effort, we created new Planning Categories to broaden our areas of coverage and help you better find the information you need (as well as information you didn’t even know you needed).


Smartbelts and cow skulls and De Niro. Oh my!

We asked everyone on the Everplans Team to share the one gift they want most for the holidays. The list turned out a bit nerdy, a tad quirky, and collectively cool -- just like us.

Ammon wants a Pyro Fireshooter so he can spew fireballs as much as he puns.

Buy it

Abby wants a curated foodbox subscription to keep her family's snack game on point.

Buy it

Maneesh wants a self-adjusting smartbelt because he'd like his outfits to better accommodate Bang Bangs. (That's when you eat two huge meals back to back -- why, what you'd think it meant?)

Buy it

The renowned publication preaches the value of Digital Estates and how Everplans can help.

U.S. News & World Report has emphasized the growing need to take your Digital Estate into account when planning, and guess who they named as one of the go-to sources? Ok, you don't have to guess. It's us.

"Everplans is one of several companies that allow you to create a digital repository of your wills, health care directives, funeral wishes, plans for your pet, desires for your Facebook page, what you'd like to see in your obituary, family photos and even your grandpa's cherished spaghetti recipe. You can enter information during your life that you want your family to find when you die or share information with family now."

In the November 2015 Kiplinger's Retirement Report, Everplans is named one of the best sites to store estate planning documents.

Kiplinger, a leading personal finance and business publisher, recently named Everplans among the best sites for storing and sharing estate planning documents -- and we couldn’t be more thrilled.

The article highlights the usefulness of Everplans beyond end-of-life planning, and features quotes from our very own Abby Schneiderman:

Everplans (www.everplans.com). Co-founder Abby Schneiderman says she doesn't think of the site as a "platform before you die, but a place to organize all details of your life when you are living." That could include informing people where to find an extra set of keys.

You first take a short, personal assessment, including your marital status, ages of children, and whether you have a will and health care directives. Then you receive customized recommendations on what to tackle first. Everplans provides links to sites where you can download legal and health forms from your state.

There's space to write your own obituary and to upload a photo for your obit. And you can leave a letter to your family or instructions about possessions.

For those just learning about the power of planning, here's an easy way to get started right now. For current subscribers, visit any section on your To-Do list to add meaningful pieces of information to your Everplan -- from key locations to the locations of key documents.

[via Kiplinger]