In the November 2015 Kiplinger's Retirement Report, Everplans is named one of the best sites to store estate planning documents.

Kiplinger, a leading personal finance and business publisher, recently named Everplans among the best sites for storing and sharing estate planning documents -- and we couldn’t be more thrilled.

The article highlights the usefulness of Everplans beyond end-of-life planning, and features quotes from our very own Abby Schneiderman:

Everplans ( Co-founder Abby Schneiderman says she doesn't think of the site as a "platform before you die, but a place to organize all details of your life when you are living." That could include informing people where to find an extra set of keys.

You first take a short, personal assessment, including your marital status, ages of children, and whether you have a will and health care directives. Then you receive customized recommendations on what to tackle first. Everplans provides links to sites where you can download legal and health forms from your state.

There's space to write your own obituary and to upload a photo for your obit. And you can leave a letter to your family or instructions about possessions.

For those just learning about the power of planning, here's an easy way to get started right now. For current subscribers, visit any section on your To-Do list to add meaningful pieces of information to your Everplan -- from key locations to the locations of key documents.

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From bridges to babies, The Everplans Team has much to be thankful for.

Justin is thankful for his two beautiful kiddies.

Yahoo! Finance reports that the longstanding myth about older folks being leery of technology is just that: a myth.

According to a Pew Research Center study as reported by Yahoo Finance in conjunction with US News & World Report, people aged 65 and up are using the internet in higher numbers than than ever before --  a trend that’s expected to continue as all of our lives become increasingly digital.

To aid in the great digital shift, Yahoo lists the top 10 essential tech tools for older adults. Recommended gadgets include fitness trackers, medication monitors, smartphones/watches, and transportation apps.

The best part, at least for us, is that Everplans is named among those tools:

Online Estate Repository: “The online service Everplans is one option for creating a digital archive that includes wills, trust, passwords, advance directives, information about your home and more, with options to share information with family members.”

[via Yahoo! Finance]

You can now tell what types of files you’ve added to a section of your Everplan in just a glance.

Our latest update lends a visual hand to your uploaded files that makes it so much easier to tell what’s there.

Image files are represented by a picture icon and the rest of your favorites are readily recognizable by their file extensions -- PDF, DOC, XLS, CSV, and PPT.

Check it out below:


Take a look at our new "Why Choose Everplans?" video and let us know what you think!

Why Choose Everplans from Everplans on Vimeo.

Our first financial services integration delivers streamlined end-of-life planning technology to advisors.

redtail technology
Everplans Pro users can now securely import their entire client list into our platform with a few simple clicks thanks to our integration with Redtail Technology’s customer relationship management software. This is just another way we’re helping financial planning professional build deeper, lasting relationships with their clients.

Why'd We Do It?

Many of our Everplans Pro users have a hundred or more clients. Prior to this integration, the only way to enter clients into the system was to either do it manually one-by-one, or use a not-so-intuitive spreadsheet import. By leveraging the Redtail API we can securely import thefull roster of clients and eliminate a barrier in getting started.

What's Next?

This is our first step with integrations, and we’re just getting warmed up. We have plans to do similar integrations with other CRM platforms to better facilitate client import and implement single sign-on. We're also listening to the feedback professional users offer to add other valuable features that will help them streamline their workflow to help all their clients get a plan in place. Stay tuned!

Video: Everplans' VP Of Techology Bernie Kravitz Discusses The Redtail Integration At T3 Enterprise 2015

Read the full Retail & Everplans Pro press release | Request an Everplans Professional Demo


Bang Bang (n): 

When you go out to eat, eat a full meal, then go to another place and eat another full meal. 

While it may have its origins in Louis C.K.’s brilliant show, Louie, the fully-realized Bang Bang may not have happened in real life until October 30th, 2015. 

The Friday started with innocent intentions: the Everplans team, donning an array of celebratory Halloween costumes (a Gorilla, a Vermont politician, and a Lego Vampire, among others), stepped out for lunch at Ribalta, a classy Italian place in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village. 

All seemed to be going well: we tore through multiple pizzas, salads, and appetizers with zeal, the conversation flowed with ease, and everyone was excited by the impressive stats coming in from our sales team. It was a great way to end a great month.

As the meal began to wind down, our co-founder, Adam (who was dressed appropriately as a super-hero), made an unsettling suggestion that would shape the rest of the day:

“Alright, guys. Bang Bang. It’s happening. Where are we going next?” 

We looked at each other in disbelief. A few of the uninitiated needed an explanation. Others thought it was a joke. But just as quickly as the shock hit, the ideas started flowing: 

Less interesting Italian! 

The list grew, touching on the ridiculous and delicious alike, but a theme began to emerge: something walkable, and something entirely different from the meal we had just annihilated. After a few more minutes, we knew what we wanted: fried chicken. But not just any fried chicken. Korean Fried Chicken, at Turntable, a retro-themed restaurant in Koreatown. 

Let The Bang Bang Begin

Everplans Culture

We stepped back into the unseasonably warm day and headed north. Somewhere around Union Square, a few small groups split off, and a core of us moved briskly onward.  Several attempts were made to “get in shape” for Bang Bang: a pull-up competition in broad daylight; a pre-meal drink at a Belgian beer garden. Soon enough, the team converged on Turntable, and settled in for round two. 

Everplans Team

Turntable was ready for us, replete with Halloween decorations, cat-costumed waitstaff, and fuzzy hits from the ‘60s - ‘80s. Two enormous plates of spicy chicken wings soon arrived, along with two glowing towers of beer, bowls of pickled veggies, and several cylindrically cut fried potatoes. 

Between gluttonous laughs, the team methodically plowed through the spread, knowing full well we’d surpassed our necessary caloric intake hours before. We rooted for each other. We cajoled each other to take just one more bite. But it didn’t matter - this was history in the making. Hilarious, overwhelming, gut-busting history. Bang Bang, fully realized, as only Everplans could do it. When the cat-waiters came to collect, all they got were empty plates.

Everplans Team  

After carefully talking Adam down from a possible phase three, we gingerly made our way back to the Everplans office to try our best at a few minutes of work before complete exhaustion ensued. We made it back just in time to hear that our sales team had knocked out their best month yet. Who wants dessert?


The Everplans Team made quite the showing this Halloween.

Abby went incognito as a Lego Vampire.

Adam made woosh noises as Everman.

We're excited to launch our New User Wizard that helps you get going on your Everplan right away after signing up.

The Wizard starts by walking you through getting your first important piece of information into your plan and then it shows you how to get your plan shared with someone you trust.

We're hoping it will be a great way to help build some momentum for new users - we want everyone to experience that great feeling you get when you know you've given someone in your family access to your wishes and plans.

On October 5, 2015 California Govenor Jerry Brown signed Bill ABx2 15 titled "End of Life Option Act" into law, which gives terminally ill patients the option to end their own life. One of the key points:

An adult who meets certain qualifications, and who has been determined by his or her attending physician to be suffering from a terminal disease, as defined, to make a request for a drug prescribed pursuant to these provisions for the purpose of ending his or her life.

The Bill takes measures to shield those involved from civil or criminal liability "solely because the person was present when the qualified individual self-administered the drug, or the person assisted the qualified individual by preparing the aid-in-dying drug so long as the person did not assist with the ingestion of the drug."