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Ten fearless culinary challengers stepped up to the plate and filled it with delectable delights.

On a warm Thursday in May, the Everplans team positioned their laptops precariously in their kitchen and embarked on the first ever Everplans Chopped Competition. Here were the ground rules:

All participants were required to make at least 1 dish (but they can also make more) -- could be sweet, could be savory, could be both. Participants could use anything they desired BUT MUST INCLUDE at least 5 of the following ingredients:

  • Ginger
  • Scallions/Chives/or Shallots
  • Cinnamon
  • Honey
  • Tahini
  • Yogurt
  • Blackberries
  • Chipotle
  • Canned Pumpkin
  • Tofu/Chicken/Red Meat
  • Chickpeas
  • Canned Tuna
  • Eggplant
  • Rhubarb
  • Pepperoni

Once the clock struck 10:30AM EST, which we can all agree is the perfect time to prepare a massive feast, the chefs were off and cooking. There was laughter and there was trash talking, but in the end it was a no-holds barred kitchen cage match with each determined to prove their succulent superiority.

Each contestant was scored on a scale from 1-5 in a number of categories, with a chance to win bonus points for going above and beyond.

Everplans full team once the cooking time had expired

The votes have been counted and here are the flavor blasted results.

Most Creative Dish(es)

casey full course

The Winner: Casey (Curry pumpkin soup with grilled shrimp; pumpkin ravioli; grilled eggplant with honey, yogurt, tahini, and roasted chickpeas)

First Runner-Up: Harris

Second Runners-Up: Yariv and Zeina

Best Presentation

zeina kebab

The Winner: Zeina (Kebab with blackberry sauce)

First Runner-Up: Casey

Second Runners-Up: Bernie and Yariv

The Best Use Of Color

harris entree

The Winner: Harris (Coffee and chipotle rubbed grass fed steak with a blackberry and balsamic glaze; Roasted pumpkin and tahini puree; Chiptole rubbed potato on the side; Blackberry margarita)

First Runner-Up: Casey

Second Runners-Up: Adam and Yariv

Fanciest Dish

harris ice cream

The Winner: Harris (freshly made tahini matcha ice cream)

First Runner-Up: Yariv

Second Runner-Up: Zeina

Best Use Of Ingredients

casey soup with shrimp

The Winner: Casey

First Runner-Up: Harris

Second Runner-Up: Yariv

Most Difficult To Make

bernie roasted dish

The Winner: Bernie (Roasted Eggplant; Tahini and honey chicken; Noodle dish)

First Runner-Up: Harris

Second Runner-Up: Yariv

Most Hard To Find Additional Ingredient

yariv yogurt parfait with candied rose petal

The Winner: Yariv (Caponatina appetizer; honey glazed chicken; parfait featuring candied rose petals for desert)

First Runners-Up: Warren and Zeina

Second Runner-Up: Harris

The Seemingly Healthiest

warren full meal

The Winner: Warren (Hummus; Baba Ganoush; Blackberries in homemade yogurt with honey and cinnamon)

First Runner-Up: Adam

Second Runner-Up: Abby

Likelihood Of This Meal Becoming A Regular Thing You’d Make

abby pasta entree

The Winner: Abby (Pasta with tuna and olive oil basil lemon garlic chives; Roasted eggplants with hot honey infused with chipotle peppers and chili)

First Runner-Up: Kay

Second Runner-Up: Warren

Most Likely To Find On A Restaurant Menu 

harris full entree with beverage

The Winner: Harris (sensing a trend here?)

First Runners-Up: Warren and Zeina

Second Runner-Up: Abby and Bernie

Most Interesting Surprise Or Mishap While Cooking

adam full course

The Winner: Adam, who almost forgot to put the eggplant in his eggplant dish (Eggplant/chickpea tagine/ratatouille; Pan fried tofu with tahini/chipotle/honey sauce; Ginger/garlic couscous)

First Runner-Up: Sarah

Second Runner-Up: Bernie

Our Co-founder/Co-CEO Abby Schedneiderman appeared on Good Day New York speaking with Rosanna Scotto and Lori Stokes about our book In Case You Get Hit By A Bus and how Everplans can help everyone prepare for the unexpected. Watch the segment below or click here to watch it on the Fox5 NY website.

Click here to watch it on Wistia.

We have big and exciting news to share.

We are thrilled to announce today that we have been acquired by the National Guardian Life Insurance Company (NGL). Everplans is joining the NGL group of companies as a standalone business. We, along with our incredible team, couldn't be more excited. You can read the full press release here.

This has been quite the 10-year journey. Since the beginning, we have been fueled by a single mission: to get as many families as possible prepared for the unexpected -- and to fundamentally change the way people think about this topic. We are proud of what we have accomplished over the years. We have published thousands of articles and resources that more than 20 million people have read, covering such helpful topics as “How to Name a Power of Attorney;” “What is an Ethical Will;” and “Creating a Digital Estate Plan.”  Our planning platform has had over 2 million pieces of important information shared between loved ones, and we’ve been fortunate to work with some of the largest insurance and financial services companies in the world, where thousands of financial professionals and employers now offer Everplans to their clients and employees.

And yet, there’s so much more to do. Our dream is big. Really big. And now with NGL this dream becomes even more possible.

This partnership with NGL was meant to be. From the minute we met NGL’s CEO, Knut Olson, we left feeling inspired and excited about the possibilities. The synergies were clear, our missions were aligned. Knut and the incredible team at NGL, and in particular Tim Schaefer, NGLs newly appointed Chief Digital Officer immediately understood the potential of what we were building - and how together we could provide more people with accessible, and affordable ways to protect their families in a fundamentally new way.

It’s important to note that the Everplans product and service offering you know and love will remain - and only stands to become even better. Our leadership team remains in place, our headquarters will remain in New York City, and there are no changes to our data and information privacy procedures and protocols. NGL shares our commitment to securing personal user information, and will not use any personal user data for sales or marketing purposes. The biggest benefits of us joining NGL are that now we’ll be able to develop and innovate our platform even faster, as well as help more people and their families by expanding our footprint with consumers, insurance providers, financial professionals, and employers.

There have been so many people who have supported us along the way. And we could not have gotten to this point without each and every one of you. Thank you so much for being part of our quest. A huge thank you to our Everplans team -- both present and past -- and to our families. We look forward to continuing to develop Everplans and serving all our clients, partners, and customers.

Here’s to a wonderful 2021, and the road that lies ahead.

All our best,

Abby Schneiderman and Adam Seifer

Co-Founders, Co-CEOs Everplans

We’re elevating Everplans Professional Dashboard to bring you the most important and relevant information.

Client Activity Feed

The Client Activity Feed is designed to give you an at-a-glance view of what your clients have been up to on Everplans. You’ll be able to see a range of activities including when  invites are accepted, clients add or edit information and even when they’ve added a new Deputy--all without having to go to the client detail page. This functionality allows you to quickly gather Everplan insights so you can act on them in real time, elevating your client engagement and bringing more value to your business.  

Activity Feed

Featured Resources

As you already know, our Resource Center provides a wealth of articles and materials to easily share with your clients and prospects. Whether it’s our Essential Planning Checklist or our new Ethical Will Worksheet, our resources are there to offer added value to your clients. In the newly-upgraded Pro Dashboard, we will highlight a few articles that are timely and relevant. These will be updated with topical materials on a regular basis to help you meet the moment. Of course, you can still access all of our resources from the navigation bar as always. 

Clickable Client Summary

In order to make your Dashboard easier to use, we have added the ability for you to click on any category in the client summary and immediately be able to see a corresponding list of clients. You may also notice a new field, “Draft Clients.”

With these enhancements, you’ll be able to easily see which clients are currently Active on the platform or, which clients may need a prompt to fully engage with Everplans so you can both get the most out of what we offer.

Client List--Filters and Pagination

cliest list with filters

We made a number of updates to the Client List. You’ll now be able to filter your clients by status and assigned advisor. Sorting and search features remain intact. Your client list will be paginated if you have more than 20 clients. In addition, we made infrastructure updates so the list will display faster. We hope these new features allow for easier navigation and a better user experience.

New Look, New Feel

And last but not least, you'll notice that we have updated the header color throughout Everplans Professional. This is part of an overall update we started last year. It now matches the color scheme we use on client platform as well as system emails we send to your clients on your behalf.

Ready to try it out?

Log in to your Professional account today.

If you have feedback or want to try Everplans Professional, please send us a message.

The Everplans team regularly pushes out new product features, improvements and bug fixes.

We made several core updates to our platform we hope you find useful. Take a look at what we've been working on in the 3rd quarter of 2020.

Enhancements and Upgrades

  • You can now search for an Everplans section or items you’ve added to your Everplan including contacts and uploaded files.
  • We now support files ending with .heic (think all the photos on your iPhone) and .qdf (data format used by Quicken personal finance software for Windows).
  • If you are a Deputy for someone, you can now give a thumbs up and send a comment to the person you’re a Deputy for when you receive an update on their Everplan.

Thank You

As always, a big thank you to the Everplanners, Deputies, and Advisors out there who gave us feedback and reported bugs. 

You can report issues and ask for new features here.

The Everplans team regularly pushes out new product features, improvements and bug fixes.

We have been a little quiet here but it doesn't mean we haven't been busy making updates. Take a look at the changes we made in the summer of 2020.

Enhancements and Upgrades

  • Firefox and Edge are now fully supported.
  • You can now rearrange how your data appears via a drag and drop feature (the changes will be reflected for your Deputies as well).
  • We now support you uploading files and adding notes to most of our sections.
  • You can now explore funeral costs using our Final Celebration Assessment in the After I’m Gone section.
  • We added a light version of Everplans – a Just-In-Case List that is available to non-Everplanners free of charge.

Bugs Fixed​

  • Fixed: Advance Directive Guide did not show for some users.
  • Fixed: Some Deputies could not see an Everplan they were a Deputy for.

Thank You

As always, a big thank you to the Everplanners, Deputies, and Advisors out there who gave us feedback and reported bugs. 

Report issues and ask for new features here.

COVID-19 has had a significant impact on Americans’ sense of personal readiness, and has motivated many to take-on activities that boost preparedness and readiness.

The Everplans COVID-19 Readiness Sentiment Survey, which surveyed 1,000 Americans on April 27-28, 2020 and was conducted with Quest Research Group (QRG), and found that a strong majority of Americans (65%) say that the Coronavirus pandemic has made them realize the importance of sharing important info with family, and that planning for the future is more important than ever (64%). Half (50%) said that COVID-19 has made them realize how unprepared they were for a serious emergency. These sentiments are especially strong among Millennials and GenX, those with children, men more so than women, and Northeasterners and Southerners (corresponding to regions with COVID hot spots).

COVID-19 has also motivated Americans to act and get better prepared for emergencies, and many have gravitated toward planning activities that are more doable independently - 40% have written down account logins/passwords; 36% have written down account details, and 36% have talked to their children about death. Those most likely to act have been Millennials and GenX, higher income households, and those with children at home.

Almost everyone agrees that it is important for parents and adult children to talk about long-term life planning, but this is true especially for more tangible tasks – such as sharing “important household information” and the “location of important documents.”

Click here for the infographic

Click here for a PDF of the full results

Read the press release

You can now import account and asset information directly into your Everplan. No more trying to remember account numbers or names, or copying and pasting from other sites and spreadsheets.

Everplans now supports importing financial account information using a secure service called Plaid. You’ll be able to import directly into the Financial section of your Everplan a number of account types including (but not limited to) checking, savings, retirement accounts, investment accounts, loans, and credit cards. 

How It Works

Within your Everplan, using a secure service called Plaid, you can now log into your financial institution’s website and retrieve basic account details.  

You’ll be able to import the name of the institution, account name, type of account, and either the full or the last four digits of your account number. Your balances will not be imported. 

You can choose which accounts you want to import, and we’ll organize them into the appropriate sections of your Everplan.

Once we import the details, you can add notes, make changes, attach documents and statements, and (most important) securely share this information with the people you trust.

Your Data Is Always Secure And Private

Everplans always puts the security and privacy of your data first, especially when working with technology partners. The Plaid service is highly secure, audited, and integrates with major financial institutions including Citi, Chase, Capital One, USAA, TD Bank, Citizens Bank, and thousands of other institutions.

  • Transfer of your information is encrypted end-to-end
  • Your login credentials will never be shared with Everplans
  • Everplans does not store or maintain any kind of connections with the institutions once your accounts are imported.

You can read more about Plaid’s privacy statement and security practices.

Why Should You Add Financial Information to Your Everplan?

Information about where you bank can be invaluable to your family when trying to understand your estate. You don’t need to share your balances or even full account numbers--simply listing where to find key accounts and how you use each of them will help your Deputies immeasurably.


Ready to try it out?

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If you have feedback, please send it to

If you haven't tried Everplans, give it a go. We offer a free 30-day trial


The Everplans team regularly pushes out new product features, improvements and bug fixes.

At the end of each month, we highlight improvements we’ve made and bugs we’ve fixed. Take a look at the changes we made in December 2019.

Enhancements and Upgrades

  • We added a Name field for Accounts and Assets, Credits Cards, and Loans (under the Financial section), and also for Other Important Possessions (under Home and Property). This allows each entry to be better differentiated. 
  • We made it easier to manage items in the Everplan that contain subsections (for example, the Insurance and Vendors subsections within a Home).
  • We now allow editing and removing entries directly from the Preview page.
  • We made it easier to see, at a glance, which of your entries contain uploaded files. Any item where you’ve added attachments will display an attachment icon next to the name of the entry.
  • We updated the look and feel of the Dashboard, Category pages, and global page layouts in order to streamline and simplify the experience.
  • We consolidated the Remembering Me and When I Go categories into one new category: After I’m Gone.
  • We renamed the Growing Old category to Aging.

Bugs Fixed​

  • Fixed: Some users were unable to scroll some windows within Everplans.
  • Fixed: Deputies with expired Everplans subscriptions were unable to download file attachments associated with the plans they were a Deputy for.
  • Fixed: Everplanners with a large volume of attachments could not download a PDF version of their Everplan.
  • Fixed: Some URLS within the Everplans application were generating errors.
  • Planholders were not always seeing helpful notifications after completing actions on the Dashboard.

Everplans Professional​

  • When a draft Everplan is created for a client, we now attach the advisor’s contact information to the Financial Advisors section of the Everplan.


Thank You

As always, a big thank you to all the Everplanners, Deputies, and Advisors out there who reported bugs and asked for enhancements. We always appreciate hearing from you.

Report issues and ask for new features here.

Families are front and center this year, as are dogs, cats, helpful hospitals, farmer’s markets, easier commutes, tea, sweaters, and bathrooms.


Abby is thankful for…

abby dina harris

Her family, friends, and wonderful co-workers who feel like family and friends (as pictured above).She’s also thankful for her new Away Everywhere bag. She travels a lot and the bag has so many amazing pockets!

Adam is thankful for…

adam and mom

“Being able to make my Mother's final days go the way she wanted them to go. Because we had spent some time together earlier this year talking about her wishes and putting some specific items in place, we were able to make sure that she was able to be home (and not in a hospital), having visits from friends and family, listening to her favorite music and watching the US Open on TV - all of her favorite things. It felt (and still feels) great to know that we were able to honor her wishes.”

Atanda is thankful for…

atanda and everplans dev team

“My family, friends and the Everplans Team.”

Bart is thankful for…

nyc streets

Finding a new apartment nearby so he has a nice walk for his commute instead of a terrible subway ride! [Photo Credit: Goran Bogicevic,]

Bernard is thankful for…

new bathrooms

The new bathrooms by our two outpost conference rooms. The old ones were horrifying.

Casey is thankful for…


Three generations living under one roof, and her menagerie of critters; one dog, two cats, and a hamster. “If they can all get along, so can we!”

Dina is thankful for…


For this Jenni Kayne sweater. Soooooo comfy.

Gene is thankful for…

famiy at disney

His entire family finally getting around to taking their first vacation together since the early 80s.

Geoff is thankful for…

geoff son and daughter

His kids, who not only excel in their own special way, but are thoughtful and caring to each other and their mom and dad.

Harris is thankful for…

oura ring

Thankful for my new Oaura Ring, which is going to help me maximize my sleep, lengthen my telomeres, and help me live to be 150 years old.

Kayode is thankful for…

andella birthday

“I'm thankful for my life, family, and girlfriend. I'm also thankful for all I've been able to achieve so far in 2019.” (Pictured above is our stellar team in Lagos. And a delicious cake.)

Laura is thankful for…


Supportive footwear from Dansko that hides the fact that I only wear shoes intended for nurses and chefs. She’s also thankful that her 17-year-old dog is still kicking a year after her trachea collapsed.

Matt is thankful for…


Not having to worry about Gene making up a reason for him being thankful now that he’s a newlywed. Congrats, Matt! Oh, and he’s also really thankful for socks.

Peter is thankful for…

bellevue hospital

Bellevue Hospital, Moleskine journals, and my fiancée, Rachel. Can't imagine making it through 2019 without them.”

Sarah is thankful for…

asheville tea