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The Total Annual Cost To Attend A Top 10 College Football School

We were going to include the four year cost, but it was just too terrifying.

As the excitement of another college football season washes over us we became curious about the price tag associated with the top schools in America. So we took the pre-season top 10 ranked teams and used CNN Money’s nifty “how much will that college really cost?” tool to get an idea.

The following numbers factor in tuition, fees, room/board, and in-state tuition, while excluding grants and scholarships. We included the additional out-of-state tuition expense (when applicable), which ups the cost dramatically. We also threw in the team mascots to help soften the sticker shock.

For parents with young children, now might be a good time to make sure you have that 529 Plan in place.

1. THE Ohio State University (Buckeyes)

ohio state mascot brutus

Mascot: Brutus

Total annual cost: $24,322

Out-of-state: +$16,000

[Photo Source: Shutterstock]

2. TCU: Texas Christian University (Horned Frogs)

texas christian university mascot

Mascot: Super Frog

Total annual cost: $53,813

[Photo Source:]

3. University of Alabama (Crimson Tide)

university of alabama mascot big al

Mascot: Big Al

Total annual cost: $23,127

Out-of-state: +$15,000

[Photo Source: Wiki Commons]

4. Baylor University (Bears)

baylor university mascot

Mascot: Bruiser

Total annual cost: $54,162

[Photo Source: Imgur]

5. University of Michigan (Wolverines)

hugh jackman wolverine

Mascot: In lieu of a cute fuzzy costume, we suggest Michigan adopt Hugh Jackman, who plays Wolverine in the X-Men movies, as their new mascot.

Total annual cost: $29,017

Out of state: +$30,000

[Photo Source: 20th Century Fox]

6. Auburn University (Tigers)

auburn university mascot aubie

Mascot: Aubie the Tiger

Total annual cost: $26,813

Out-of-state: +$17,000

[Photo Source: Wiki Commons]

7. University of Oregon (Ducks)

university of oregon mascot

Mascot: The Oregon Duck

Total annual cost: $25,795

Out-of-state: +$20,000

[Photo Source: Wiki Commons]

8. University of Southern California (Trojans)

university of southern california mascot

Mascot: Traveler (Note: Traveler is the white horse; the person riding Traveler is an unnamed Trojan warrior. Let’s call him Kevin. Hey Kev, sweet ride!)

Total annual cost: $65,447

[Photo Source:]

9. University of Georgia (Bulldogs)

university of georgia mascot hairy dawg

Furry Mascot: Hairy Dawg

university of georgia mascot uga

Most Adorable Mascot Ever: Uga

Total annual cost: $24,517

Out-of-state: +$18,000

[Source: Wiki Commons; Tumblr]

10. Florida State University (Seminoles)

florida state university mascots

Mascot(s): Chief Osceola and Renegade

Total annual cost: $18,542

Out-of-state: +$15,000

[Photo Source: Shutterstock]

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